Cursive Handwriting

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Cursive Handwriting Charts

3 pages of cursive handwriting charts including these ~

Cursive lower case

Cursive upper case

Cursive handwriting chart with both upper & lower case letters

  • These charts use the official South African school cursive form which is elegant and flowing.
  • Start this when the child is in Grade 2 or 3 (around 8 or 9 years of age) and when he knows his print handwriting.
  • Let your child use whiteboard markers to learn the letter shape and practice letter formation.
  • Once the child masters lower case letters, let him/her learn the upper case letters.
  • Then your child can copy and then write dictations and copywork in pencil on notebook pages.
  • Only once the child can confidently write in pencil without too many errors, may he use a pen.

Teaching Cursive step-by-step booklet

4 pages of  simple tips and strategies to teach cursive handwriting using these laminated charts.


  • talk as you show the child how to form the letters
  • watch closely and wipe any mistakes out immediately and correct the writing before bad habits or confusion is set
  • First trace over, then copy, then refer to chart until they can write without references

Learning lower case letters:

1. Find and copy over all round oval body letters ~ c, a, d, g, q
2. Find and copy over all the loop letters~ l, b, h, f, k
3. Find and copy over top curve letters ~ n, m, p, r

Cursive Lowercase Practice Sheets

Cursive Uppercase Practice Sheets

Separate pages for those who want to practice letters individually

Pop over to my Copywork Pages.

Also have a look at my other handwriting posts:

You are welcome to download these pages for your own personal use.  I humbly ask that you please share the link back to my site rather than give the files away.  And of course, none of these pages are for you to sell! :)

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36 thoughts on “Cursive Handwriting

  1. Hi Nadene,
    I was thrilled to find your cursive page, because I don’t like the US cursive fonts. Your font is closest to what I learnt in school, although the capital A is different.
    I am unable to download cursive-step-by-step.pdf. Is it no longer available? If you do mean to keep it available, could you please check the link again? I will visit your site later to see if the link is up. Thank you again for sharing these resources.
    ~ Nandini

  2. Baie Dankie vir hierdie, ek is amper oortuig dat ons die enigste land is vir die hoofletter C so krul en die hoofletter I so maak.

    – Hugo

  3. I really appreciate your efforts in giving writing instructions for young ones. Writing makes their charactor. May God bless you.

  4. Baie dankie vir die wonderlike site. Ek is ‘n graad 3 Juffrou wat dit waardeer dat daar ‘n voorbeeld van ons lopende skrif is

      • Thank you so much for the information. What I like about this font is that it is very consistent. I put a link to this blog at “The Well Trained Mind” forum because you have some wonderful stuff here. Cheers.

  5. Dear Nadine
    Thank you for these printouts, I will most certainly print them for my son to refer to. A quick question. Do you know of a font-download with similar characters that one can download?

    • @Nerina, I only have the ABC Cursive. There are other similar fonts with some capital letter differences. I’ll keep looking and will add any fonts to this page if I find them.

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  7. My son is struggling so much with cursive I would love to have a template of “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” so that he can practice his joining. Do you know where I can find one in ANC plain cursive, or could you make one? I love your site and have referred many many moms to it. Thank you for all your hard work it is appreciated – Michelle

  8. Hi Nadine
    Can you tell me what this cursive script is called and where can I find it to use on the computer so I can make worksheets and work cards?
    Thanks so much
    Kind Regards

    • @Michele, the official South African cursive font used in our government schools is called ABC Cursive Plain. I have not found a commercial version. Instead, I use “Skryptaag Tryout” (very close to the official style) or “Cursif“(neat and more upright) which I found on free font sites :)

  9. I there, Thank you so much for your efforts to help parents, not many sites do this. Is it compulsory or till what grade is it compulsory for the kids to write cursive? – Janine

    • @Janine, Good question – and unfortunately I don’t really know [smile]- it depends on the school. In South Africa, schools require children to learn cursive from 2nd grade and to write in pencil. By about 3rd grade they start to write in pen. Most teachers require neat cursive throughout primary school. Once in high school children develop and use their own style. As long as the writing is neat and legible, the teachers don’t mind the style. As homeschoolers, these conditions are even more flexible. Blessings!

      • Thank you so much for reply Nadene. I homeschool my boys, so I was just wondering if it was compulsory. My eldest in G6 says its more time consuming for him, as it takes him longer to write if it is to be done neatly. He does however have a great handwriting for a boy. I will alow him to write in print for certain assignments then. Thanks again ;-)

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  12. Hi Nadene

    Where can I download free cursive fonts with lines?? It must be the South- Arican cursive style!!
    Please help


    • @Nicole, if you read all the other comments you will see that I do not know of any commercially available font. The best I can suggest is to find something similar or see if any local school in your district has a font to use. All the best.

  13. This is a trip down memory lane. I am British but went to school in South Africa in the ’80’s, and found it very strange that this was not taught in the schools I attended when I returned to England at the age of 9. It’s a shame – because I really enjoyed learning how to write like this and my writing skills were slowly watered down in English schools over the years. I am however now rediscovering it and finding your website has pleased me immensely! Thanks :)

  14. Hi, Is there video or aninmation to show how the strokes has to draw, direction, when to lift hand. for eg, to write captial X, one single stroke/flow i should finish, or half part is written then and the using second stroke finish the second part.

    • @Vandana, you could search for videos or animations online, but you can make a red dot on the charts for the starting point and number the second stroke. The capital X is usually made in 2 separate strokes.

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