the wings-become-windows butterfly.

We are using Exploring Creation books by Jeannie K. Fulbright for our Science curriculum.

Animal Classification Table & Cards

Here is an overview Animal Classification Chart with small labelled and illustrated cards

Download here ~  Classification Table+cards

Classification Chart
Classification cards

Suggested activities with these cards:

  • match animals to their descriptions
  • group animals
  • find other similar animals and add pictures to the group
  • play snap
  • make a mobile

Land Animals

This download includes ~

1. Pictures of all land animals

Download Land Animal Pictures ~ Land Animal Pictures  (includes the alphabetic list)

2. Alphabetic list of land animals (use for name search or a game of animal Bingo?)

3. Classification Table of all the land animals with latin names

Download Classification table ~ Table Classification of land animals

Some Tips & Ideas ~

  1. Cut and paste each animal on a world map where it naturally is found
  2. Arrange animals in country groups
  3. Cut out and group/ classify all the animals
  4. Paste/ arrange on the classification table
  5. Place animals on a classification tree
  6. Make an animal mobile and hang the animals in groups
  7. Find out the animal’s status – extinct, threatened, commonly found etc.
  8. Play animal bingo with these cards and the animal word list

These downloads are free for your personal use.  I humbly ask that you link back to my blog and that you please respect the copywrite on these pages.


9 thoughts on “Science

  1. We’re studying this right now as well. Thank you for the resource! You are truly a shining light for sharing your hard work with the rest of us. God bless you! (I came over through wholesome childhood’s free homeschool resource notice.)

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