Serviette Modge Podge Project

Using some paint, a serviette and Modge Podge and matt varnish we transformed some wooden items into beautiful decor!

A simple tutorial ~

  1. We decorated a wooden tissue box cover, and key holder and a small wooden picture frame.
  2. Unscrew the hooks from the key holder.
  3. Mix paint to match the serviette background colour.
  4. Paint the items with even strokes in the same direction.  Allow to dry.  Add a second coat if necessary.
  5. Prepare the serviette by cutting out the designs to fit the surface you wish to cover.
  6. Separate the top printed serviette layer from the underlying 2 tissue layers.  Only use the thin top printed layer.
  7. Cover the surface with the cut out serviette and gently apply the Modge Podge with a sponge applicator.  Avoid tearing the serviette and try gently ease out any air bubbles. Try not to overlap the serviette (as we did) as it will appear darker.  Allow to dry.
  8. Add a 2nd coat of Modge Podge and let it dry.
  9. Wash the applicator sponge well with water.
  10. Finally paint on a coat of Matt Varnish.
  11. Re-screw the hooks onto the key holder.

Viola! Done!

This was our first project using this technique and I think we could improve a little here and there ~

  • try not overlap any serviette
  • try not tear the serviette
  • try avoid bubbles and wrinkles
  • paint thinner, more even layers of Modge Podge and varnish

I’m delighted with my 10-year-old daughter’s efforts!  She enjoyed the whole process and we can think of several other items we could decorate!

Have you ever tried this?  Any tips or suggestions?  Please share with us in the comments below.


5 thoughts on “Serviette Modge Podge Project

  1. I’m sorry but is the serviette a paper towell or napkin? I can’t quite tell what it is. I love this and think it would be a great project to do with my girls. Thanks


    • @Christina, here in South Africa we call our paper napkins “serviettes”. Our craft shops sell them in singles and they come in beautiful designs. They are 3 ply (have 3 layers) and only the top layer has the painted design.


  2. Hi Nadene

    Modge Podge is a varnish sealer and you do not need to coat with a varnish.

    When painting with podge allow each coat to totally dry before adding the next one. Paint each coat in 90′ to each other [+].

    If you add enough coats of podge you can accomplish a totally smooth surface it will eventually fill in the edge of the tissue.

    Beautifully done


    • @Chareen, thanks for the extra tips! I asked the lady at the craft shop how they do serviette Modge Podge (because we did not take any formal lessons) and followed her instructions. She suggested the varnish to prevent the “stickiness” the Modge Podge sometimes leaves on a project. I’ll try another Modge Podge project without the varnish and see if mine dries without that tacky feeling.


      • I was thinking the same…we just use Modge Podge on it’s own and very seldom have any stickiness. 🙂 Turned out great. Hoping for some time this summer to do a few projects with my own boys. Typically the projects are done with preschoolers during the day with no time to do them with the school-age boys. Looking that will change for next school year!


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