Here are all my free Bible pages ~

  • Scripture Illustrations
  • Bible Lapbooks
  • Bible Study & Notebook pages
  • Puppet Plays
  • Hymn Study
  • Scripture Memory
  • Posters to inspire

You are welcome to download these for your own personal use.  I humbly ask that you do not copy and sell these downloads.  If you would like to share any of these files with others, please give the link back to this site. 🙂 

Blessings, Nadene

Scripture Illustrations

Armor of God ~ Young Man

May your young sons be inspired to be spiritually dressed and prepared and to take their stand in the Lord.

Put On The Full Armor – for young ladies

Ephesians 6:10 – to encourage my daughters to be fully clothed in Christ

Beautiful Girlhood Ideals

I read Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola to my pre-teen daughter every night. We discussed the chapter on Ideals and the description of this “beautiful woman” described here really touched me.

Scripture Illustration ~ Blessings

Based on the blessings of God in Deuteronomy 28:1-15, including the Feasts of Israel and the Messianic fulfillment of the feasts.

Scripture Illustrations 001

Scripture Illustration ~ Hope

Verses of hope from Job 14: 7-9

Scripture Illustrations 002

Scripture Illustration ~ Word

Scripture Illustrations 010

Scripture Illustrations ~ Light

Scripture Illustrations 007

Scripture Illustration ~ Thirsty

Scripture Illustrations 008


Parables Lapbook

  • chronological order parables master list with scripture references in all gospels
  • 38 parables (almost every parable!)
  • complete scripture quotes for every parable in each minibook
  • Modern King James Version
  • simple square design in different folded minibook formats
  • colorful front page art work
  • many minibooks have blank pages inside for the child’s own notes or drawings
  • matching choice of notebook pages, some lined, blank, half page lined, or primary lines
  • As with my free Book of James Lapbook, these minibooks are aimed for middle school children to adults.

Pop over to my free pages – Lapbook Pages for your complete free downloads.

Book of James Lapbook

  • scriptures using the Modern King James Version
  • covers about 90% of the Book of James
  • created for middle-school ages and older
  • download consists of 14 pages with about 34 minibooks, a cover page and other references and notes.
  • includes a basic notebook page for the Book of James for combining the minibooks and notebooking.

Please pop over to my free pages – Lapbooks pages for your downloads

Bible Study Page & Activities

Easter Pictures & Hands-on Activities

Character Bible Study

Daniel Bible Minibooks

My children have really enjoyed our Picture This! Bible Study from program!  I created a few minibooks with classic pictures and scripture references:

Gideon & Samson ~ One-Page Bible Minibooks

These one-page minibooks of Gideon and Samson are for more detailed narrations.  The children cut out and paste the speech bubbles (on a separate page) to complete the cartoon-type story summary:

Jesus’ Names Paper Chain

In our Jesse Tree Advent devotions, we came to Isaiah 9:2, 6&7 where they declare Lord Jesus names.  We made paper chains with these paper strips:

Linger, Listen, Lift up and Live the Word

A summary of Ann Voskamp’s Holy Experience ~ How to eat differently this year, and I created some bookmarks ~ Sacred Eating

Priest’s Garments

Priest’s garment paper figure with all his priestly garments separately to dress him as described in Exodus.

Oils of Life

Devotions on our need to come to the Throne of God daily for fresh supplies of the oils of the Holy Spirit. Free Fruit of the Spirit Lapbooks from Lapbook Lessons

Parables of the Kingdom of God Minibook

Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God as … a mustard seed, good soil, a pearl or treasure, a lamp filled with oil, an invitation to a banquet, a servant forgiven much, a master’s vineyard, wars, earthquakes and signs, wages and a reward. For Bible narrations of each of these parables, I made my children a one-page minibook:

Prayer of St Francis

I taught my children the Prayer of St Francis and created this one-page minibook  with pictures representing the prayer:

Salvation Minibook

I created this little Salvation Minibook for our devotions this week, based on the “4 Spiritual Laws” and included some 3D paper art on the minibook:

The Heart of Friendship

Inspired by Ann Voskamp’s post How hurting women can help each other heal at A Holy Experience, I created this letter for my daughters.

 The Tabernacle

I made a Tabernacle cross minibook shaped like a cross; with the outer court and Holy Place and Most Holy Place’s articles.  There is place to write how Jesus fulfilled the Tabernacle’s purposes on the minibooks:

Who I am in Christ  40-Day Calendar

Who I am in Christ 40 days

Puppet Plays

Based on the Bible book of Esther, this is the story of how Queen Esther saved her people, the Jews, from evil Haman’s plans. This play is perfect to use to celebrate the Jewish festival of Purim. It is a narration-led play written in rhyming couplets.  Backdrops, puppet patterns, & props included. Here is the original blog post with photos and details ~ Esther Play for Purim

Download ~ Esther Play updated

Nativity Play

This is a narration-led puppet play for children for a wonderful Christmas and festive season project. Included in this download are ~

  • The full script
  • Background designs
  • Puppet pattern
  • Props patterns
  • Stage layout
  • Tips and suggestions

Download ~ Nativity Play updated

Hymn Study

A Charlotte Mason inspired approach to Hymn Study:

Hymn Study for 2011

Hymn Study for 2012

Memorizing Scriptures

Memorizing The Beatitudes

I created a page with sliding strips and memory cards game to help children memorize the Beatitudes:

Memorizing Scripture the Simply Charlotte Mason Way

Scripture memory system

Download the Scripture Memory System from Simply Charlotte Mason and the suggested verses to put in your index card box.   I really endorse this simple, yet very effective Christian family habit!

Posters to Inspire

Blessings, Nadene

50 thoughts on “Bible

  1. Hi Nadene, thank you so much for the gift of your beautiful illustrations. I have a dear friend who struggles with reading the bible but loves to colour in so these will be a great blessing to her. The Lord continue to bless and inspire you in all that you are doing. Nicky UK


  2. I came back to your blog so I can link (again!) to your great paper dolls on my blog. 🙂 My girls get SO MANY HOURS of enjoyment out of them–they are the biggest blessing!

    And, lo and behold! I find you have *more* paper dolls available and all of these (see above) wonderful printables available! Thank you so much! God’s blessings on you!


  3. Thankyou so much Nadene for all these wonderful ideas and free downloads…I’m a first time homeschooling mom and thank the Lord that I came across your site when I was searching for bible studies.God bless you and family abundantly.

    Will be visiting often…


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  10. Nadene, Thank you for the info that I found on your page. I am fostering 2 young ladies that need work on handwriting,and found this very interesting. ages 9 and 11, thanks Geneva


  11. Nadene, I just found your site, and am so inspired by everything I see. I am in my second year of homeschooling my two pre-teen daughters, and have found so many wonderful resources. Thank you for the time and detail you put into this site. It is so very much appreciated!


    • @RyAnn, thank you so much for your kind comments! I am always delighted that other homeschool moms are encouraged and inspired by my blog! I am so grateful for the amazing journey and shared experiences I have had with my daughters through homeschooling – especially through their teen years, and trust that you enjoy your time of life and learning with your daughters! Blessings, Nadene


  12. I love your Armor of God drawings…I am a Sunday school teacher with only 3 girls and 10 boys. The drawing of the girl in armor hit the spot! So important for girls to know that the Lord has picked us to fight the good battle, alongside, not behind, the boys. Many blessings, and i was wondering if i have your permission to use them on t-shirts for my class? Blessings….


  13. I was just searching online for some bible studies for my son to do in in spare time and happened upon your page. Thank you for such wonderful ideas. I am excited to get started on these with him


  14. This is a terrific website and am so glad it is done in kjv. It is so hard to find Kjv lessons for school and sunday school. I teach jr church and I will use some of your lessons at church. BTW do you plan on making a lapbook on Creation vs Evolution?


    • @Louise, I’m delighted you can use my Bible pages for your lessons! Thanks for the lapbook theme suggestion. I hope if we study this important topic in depth, I’ll be able to create a new lapbook and share it with you too!


  15. I love your drawings… I just printed Armor of God!! I have always wanted to use lapbooks in my homeschool too. I think that I can try a couple of yours. I am so excited about finding your blog. I am new to the whole blogging thing and have just created my own in which I am supposed to be working on now but get side tracked looking at everyone elses 🙂 I love what you are sharing. Thank you so much. I hope that someday I will be able to create all of my ideas and share with others. THANK YOU! I LOVE IT!
    Angie at homegrownconnects


  16. Wow it’s great to see what you have done. It inspires me to get my future children to do the above activities instead of watching TV and playing video games all day! Thanks!


  17. Thanks for all the resources and Ideas. I teach Junior Church, Serve as the youth pastor at my church and teach in a public school (25 years). Thank you so much for sharing. I have developed a math facts memorization program and a beginning fluency program I would be happy to share with you if you would like.


  18. Hi there,
    I edit a Kidz Church newsletter, and found your drawings of the Armor of God – they are wonderful. Very clean, clear, and communicate the message of Ephesians 6 in a very visible way. Thank you for using your artistic ability to clarify Gods word.


  19. I teach at a very small Christian school and have been looking for a Christian blog for weeks. THANK you so much for what you have posted. It will be a blessing to me and my class this next year.


  20. I am leading a women’s Sunday school class on the power of prayer. Most images of the Armor of God are very masculine (and do get across the point of being prepared for real spiritual warfare). But I wanted an image that conveyed the meaning with a little less Joan of Arc flare. Your image, I think, conveys both the femininity of women and their preparedness for battle. Thanks.


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