Planning & Organization

Welcome to my free planning & organization pages!  
You are most welcome to download and freely use whatever you need for your own household.  I have provided downloads in MS Word so that you can tweak and change these documents to suit your own planning or use them as a basic starting point. You can pop over to see my planning in 2010 and 2011.

Overview & Year Planner

Clay and Sally Clarkson amazing book “The WholeHearted Child Home Education Handbook designed a “house” model which I used to plan a bird’s-eye overview of a full, well-rounded education.  (Read the review on my Book List)

  • Free download ~ scroll to the link at the bottom of the page

Theme of the Day

How we fit the Charlotte Mason “extra’s” in to our week ~

Week Theme 001

Monday ~ Main Core = Social Studies’ research, reading, project or lapbook
Tuesday ~ Timeline & Science = timeline/ Book of Centuries and a Science lesson, notebooking, research, projects or science experiments
Wednesday ~ Wonderful World = Geography study/map work & Nature Study activity
Thursday ~ Tea & Poetry & Shakespeare = we simply read, listen & enjoy
Friday ~Fine Arts = Famous Composer & Famous Artist ~ appreciation lesson, art activity or Sketch Tuesday while we listen to the musician.

Blank Year Plan

Use this form to assign the subjects from your overview plan to each week/ month.  Use this page to write daily, weekly or monthly work and what skills and activities we would use.

36 Week Planner

Our school year is about 36 weeks long.  Allocate the work for each subject into the weeks for the year. This will become my master plan, but it will be flexible!

Weekly Timetable

Fill in the Weekly Timetable to outline what work you cover for each week.  There is place to record the dates and comment on the work completed (or boxes to tick!).  This becomes my record of work.  (Change the subjects down the side to suit your own needs.)

This is how my weekly record of work looks.  (I still have to plan the Bible readings in the Bible column.)

Daily Timetable

I  place a Daily Timetable in each girl’s file and/or on my notice board for reference.

Report and Evaluation Pages

Conclusions Closure & Congratulations  ~ Read how we Review, File, Evaluate and Celebrate at the end of the year.

Practical Organization Tips 1

Practical Organization Tips 2

Peek into Our School Room

Our fresh schoolroom for teens and high schoolers


Organizing Art Supplies

Organizing Puzzles and Patterns ~ Practical tips on how to organize your children’s educational games, puzzles and even your dressmaking patterns!

I hope these pages give you some inspiration and practical ideas. Feel free to download and change anything or tweak them so that they will work for you.

Blessings, Nadene

16 thoughts on “Planning & Organization

  1. Hi recently I printed out a pg. from your site it was
    Beautiful Girlhood…ideals. You had made it for your girls I think… anyways mine got crumpled and I can’t find it on your site again. Can you put a link somewhere to it on your page? thanks so much for the beautiful page!


    • Thanks so much for the book recommendation in your comments on my planning post. I love how the top form divides planning into life skills, discussion, discovery, and discplined studies. Thanks for all these wonderful new resources–I’ve subscribed so I don’t miss anything.


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  3. Thanks Nadene, when I saw your 2010 planners back in July I was blown away — the Wholehearted Child ‘picture’helped me sort out what was really important and has guided ALL my planning for 2011. Thanks for the blanks — now I don’t have to battle through MS Word or Excel on my own! Your Artist and Musician pages have been a blessing too! Now that YOUR planning is done — have a wonderful, relaxing festive season. God bless!


  4. Thank you, Nadene. I love your planners as well. A question, how do you use the weekly plan. One for each child, all children and you included there?If you can, I will appreciate it. Thank you very much!
    Ps. I was able to print them out after a 2nd try or so, it worked well!


    • Thanks Patricia! I share the weekly planner for my 2 middleschool children. You could adapt the planner to include more children or print a sheet for each group of children that will do the same type of studies. I don’t do individual planners as there is usually too much duplication, but my High Schooler has her own schedule.


  5. Hi Nadene! I LOVE planners and organizers! I tried to dl them but it went to a page that said something like no such thing exists… 😦

    …who is planning on being more organized come the new year!


  6. I really would love to see your planning pages, but when I try clicking on the links I’m coming up with a “no pages match your criteria” message, and the images won’t load on this page either. I’ve tried it in both Firefox and Safari. Don’t know if the problem is my computer or your page, but I’m sad, because I really need to get on the ball with planning the next school year too! Especially with a new baby due in November!


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