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You are welcome to download these pages for your own personal use.  I humbly ask that if you wish to share these pages, you please link back to my blog.   🙂

Basic History Notebook Pages

Use these versatile blank notebook templates for your history notes.    Go ahead and print out a whole bundle! 🙂  

Click on the title for each download:

3 Square Notebook Page with Minibooks ~ 2 pages: lined page with 3 boxes and minibook page

1 Box Notebook Page with minibook ~  a notebook page with basic lined  with a big box in 3 variations with minibook template

American History 

(Click on the main title for each download.)

Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder

A Little House Notebook ~ An A5-sized notebook pages to go with our free Little House lapbooks we downloaded from Homeschoolshare.com

3 dimensional model of Little House in the Big Wood

American Civil War Slavery~ A notebook page with 2 minibooks covering:

  • The American Civil War
  • Slavery
  • Abraham Lincoln

American War of Independence ~ This 3 page download includes a notebook page and biography pages on:

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • George Washington.

American History after American Revolution to early 1800s These pages have minibooks, pictures, and quotes used with the notebook pages as above.

Francis Marion & Gen Nathanael Greene

Grand Republic  with minibooks covering vocabulary, the Constitution, Congress, The Great Seal,  and the 3 Branches of Government

Alexander Hamilton

First American President ~ George Washington

Thomas Jefferson  with a timeline of events during his lifetime

New Spiritual Revival with minibooks and pictures of the Haystack Prayer Meeting and Francis Asbury

Inventions Robert Fulton & Eli Whitney  covering the invention of the steamboat and the cotton gin

War of 1812

The Lone Star Republic  including minibooks for the Alamo, The Massacre of the Alamo, General Santa Anna and map

The Mexican War  with minibooks for Zachary Taylor, General Scott and General Sam Houston

French and Indian War  Use with 3 squares notebook page.   This page has 2 concertina (fan-fold) minibooks

Colonies want Independence Use with 1 box notebook page.

Boston Tea Party Use with 1 box notebook page.

Paul Revere’s Ride Use with 1 box notebook page.

Declaration of Independence Use with 1 box notebook page.

Old Times in the Colonies ~ One page with a spinning wheel minibook and steps how to spin flax, pictures of life on the frontier and the First Thanksgiving.  This page fits into the 3 Square Notebook Page with Minibooks   ~ An excellent, versatile blank notebook template!

Pilgrims and Early American History 13-page notebooking and minibook combination download includes:

  • Puritans ~ half page blank & lined
  • Puritan Church ~half page blank & lined
  • Quakers – blank page
  • Quakers ~ half page blank & lined
  • Mayflower ~ half page blank & lined
  • New England ~ blank
  • Indians Help the Settlers ~ blank
  • Minibook pages for Puritans and Indians Help Settlers pages
  • Tabbed minibook for New England or Puritan pages
  • British Laws made smugglers & pirates ~ half page blank & lined
  • Minibook page for Smugglers & Pirates page & Virginia page
  • Virginia ~ half page blank & lined

World History ~

Click on the main title for each download.

Archeology ~ A 5 page mini lapbook for young children with mini books and puzzles on:

  • Mounds or Tells
  • Broken pottery
  • Dinosaur bones
  • Activities & websites included.

British India ~ A notebooking page on British in India.

Explorers & Empire Builders ~ A 6 page download with a biography page each for:

  • David Livingstone
  • Captain James Cook
  • Rene’ Caillie’
  • Robert Peary
  • Roald Amundsen

Stone Age ~ 5 page mini bookscovering:

  • coil pots
  • making skin clothes
  • fires
  • cave home
  • stone tools
  • Activities & websites included

United Nations ~ This is a notebook and minibook combo page on the United Nations.

WWI and WWII ~ This 6 page notebooking and minibook page combination covers:

  • World War I
  • World War II

Features minibooks on

  • Germany
  • Hitler
  • Jews during WWII
  • Pearl Harbour
  • Japan in WWII.

These booklets could be used separately in a lapbook or World War II project folder.

World War I Minibooks and Notebook Pages

(Click the above title to go to the original post and click the titles below for your free download)

World War II Notebook Pages

(Click the above title to go to the original post and the titles below for your free download)

  • World War Two Timeline  A concertina-folded timeline to paste into your Book of Centuries.  A 9-page download with detailed timeline notes that the child can use to write their own time line events.
  • WW2 Maps and Minibooks  A world map to colour different countries according to whether they are Axis, Allies, Neutral and Occupied Territories.  Coloured map of Europe during the war is also included.

World History Lapbooks

Pop over to my Free Lapbooks Page for the

  • 3D Ancient Egypt Lapbook
  • Tudor Lapbook

I hope you and your children enjoy these pages!

I’d love to hear from you ~  if you have enjoyed a download, need advice or just wish to contact me, please feel free to use the contact form on my About Me page.


39 thoughts on “History

  1. Hello! I came across your blog googling note booking pages, and I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for sharing your resources, your time in posting them, and for all your tips of wisdom and ideas! I am by no means a well seasoned homeschool mom and your site has been a blessing! Thanks again. : )


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  5. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas, especially the lapbooks!!!! It is encouraging to find free homeschooling resources. You have blessed me and our homeschooling journey!!!


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  11. This has so much I have been looking for. I am doing my own lapbook on Early American History next week and this has given me much of what I wanted and needed. Thank you for having this available. It will make homeschooling my 3rd and 5th grader so much easier.


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  14. Many thanks! I printed out your blank general history page for recording our findings! We enjoy seeing your drawings on Sketch Tuesday too!


    • Thank You so much I work for a homeless shelter school is all year round and I have to find my own resources. Thank You so much I love everything on your website. My students love it as well 🙂 Thank You!


  15. Hi Nadene,
    I am very new to the world of homeschooling – trying to get organised for next year. My daughter will be entering Gr 1 and this will be our first year of homeschooling. We are both very excited and I am even more excited to have come across your blog. You have inspired me so much and given such practical ideas to follow. Love it! Which of the free pages are relevant to Grade 1? I know the focus is on English and Maths, but I’m so eager to get onto all the other ideas in your blog too. I’m not using Sonlight. I’ve bought Jolly Phonics for English and we’re using Singapore Maths. For Life Skills I’m putting together whatever I can find through free curriculums over the internet, or making it up as I go along. Also a fan of Charlotte Mason and trying to include her school of thought into our curriculum. Thanks for all you are doing!!!


    • @Home School Reminders, Welcome! I’m sure that you and your daughter are going to enjoy the most wonderful journey of life and learning together! I’m sorry that I can’t give you exact specifics of what pages are for grade 1 because they have been used and re-used by all my kids across the ages.
      I can suggest that you download the print handwriting charts and read through some practical posts for handwriting. You could pop over to the Maths pages and see what is there that will suit her.
      But all you really need for most your early schooling is some good children’s treasuries with classical children’s stories. Try find one or two with beautiful illustrations and read aloud to her. Simply ask her to “tell back” the story. Hope this helps. Blessings 🙂


      • Thanks Nadene! I have downloaded the handwriting pages and will definitely have those laminated (great idea)!!. Will have a look at the maths pages too and try get my hands on some beautifully illustrated classics. I will be visiting your blog often! Thanks once again. Lv Janis.


  16. Love the WW2 Timeline, thank you.

    Just wanted to mention that we live in Australia and noticed you didn’t list Australia in the Allies and also Singapore was not listed as occupied.
    Other than that we really love the pages you produce.


  17. Thank you so much for all of your history notebooking pages! We are using Sonlight American History this upcoming year and I think my 12 year old will enjoy combining a lapbook approach with the notebooking pages. You do beautiful work and I’m grateful! You have blessed me greatly! THANKS!!!


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  23. thank you nadene! your website is so wonderful and most useful to me! what a gift you are for sharing all your talents and resources! thank you so much for your generosity and may God bless you even more for giving so freely to others! we’ll be going through US history starting in fall with the same book that you are using so this is so perfect for us! thank you so much again and you can bet i’ll be checking in very often! 🙂


  24. I can’t download any of the Sonlight World History pages. It says to click the title for downloads, but it isn’t clickable. Any thoughts? 🙂


    • @Julie, click the main titles above each theme/topic and the downloads do open. The coloured highlighted words in the description are not links. (Email me if you still can’t download and I send you the files you need. 🙂 )


  25. Hi I am new to lapbooking and printed stone age but cant find the answers the website that was on the paper I went to can you help thanks Gina


    • Welcome to lapbooking Gina! I’m sure you and your kids will enjoy these activities.
      I provided some websites in the download for extra information, over and above the excellent Sonlight books which should give you all the “answers”.
      I checked the recommended sites and suggest you go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Age.
      Blessings, Nadene


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