New – Pearl Harbor Lapbook!

We have started our final section of Sonlight American History.

I created a new free lapbook  download~

Pearl Harbor Lapbook

Update:  I’ve broken the above lapbook file into 3 smaller files for easier downloads:

Pearl Harbor Lapbook

The Pearl Harbor Lapbook includes:

  • 19 page download with …
  • lapbook organizer with hyperlinks for each section to original websites
  • Vocabulary and definitions with several activities such as a crossword puzzle, word search and match words with meanings
  • Detailed (even minute-by-minute!) timeline
  • Battleships, Cruisers & Destroyers minibooks
  • Map of harbor to identify ships
  • What happened? with 3 photos to examine, discuss and describe
  • Oral history and survivor reports from a nurse, a sailor and a lieutenant commander to read, discuss and summarize
  • Aftermath of Pearl Harbour with photo and info
  • History Notebook Pages in 3 variations

This lapbook is for upper middle schoolers (for 10 – 12 year olds) but can be adapted for younger middle schoolers or extended for junior high students.

I suggested several alternative activities and introduced some advanced skills like ~

  • summarizing reports
  • making inferences
  • coming to conclusions
  • consequences to events
  • characteristics of heroes
  • write newspaper report
  • create an interview
  • give a radio report

With this in mind, I’m sure my 12-year-old will combine minibooks on the notebook pages, rather than do a lapbook.

If you download and use this lapbook, please feel free to comment here and share your photos and stories!


25 thoughts on “New – Pearl Harbor Lapbook!

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  7. Thank you so much for all your research and effort on this era & pivotal time in history. It was perfect timing for us as my hubby & I just returned from a visit to Hawaii, and Pearl Harbor, and we went right into this study to share with the kids why it’s such an important time in our country’s history. Right around Memorial Day as well…the Lord’s timing is always perfect! Bless you for your generosity =}


  8. This is amazing! Thanks so much. My 9 year old does notebook pages instead of lapbooks too. We use elements from lapbooks and attach them to the pages (notebook pages are printed on heavy card stock) and keep them in a big history binder.


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  10. Thank you for the files, but the second edition is damaged and we cannot download it at all. Can u advise? Thanks so much. I love your site and appreciate your purpose. 🙂


    • @Holly, Thanks for the heads-up! I’ve re-loaded all the pdf files and checked them. They all seem fine. If you still can’t download them, just contact me and I’ll email you the files. 🙂


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  12. We are living on Hickam Air Force Base next to Pearl Harbor and plan to participate in the 70th anniversary ceremonies. This is a great preparation so my kids can understand what they are witnessing. Thanks so much!


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  14. I was hoping to find a place to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooo much for sharing this with all. Thank you!!!


  15. Thanks so much, Nadine. I do so admire your productivity and organisation. Thank you for sharing with us. My 13-year old son loves war stories. This will be perfect for him.


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