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Click the main titles to take you to the original post with details, descriptions, and photos of each lapbook.

Scroll to the bottom of the lapbook list for all my minibook templates and Time-Saving Tips for Doing Lapbooks.

Parables Lapbook

  • chronological order parables master list with scripture references in all gospels
  • 38 parables (almost every parable!)
  • complete scripture quotes for every parable in each minibook
  • Modern King James Version
  • simple square design in different folded minibook formats
  • colourful front page artwork
  • many minibooks have blank pages inside for the child’s own notes or drawings
  • choice of notebook pages, some lined, blank, half-page lined, or primary lines
  • As with my free Book of James Lapbook, these minibooks are aimed for middle school children to adults.

Your free downloads:

  1. Parables Master List  (2 pages)
  2. Parables Booklets 1-9  (10 pages)
  3. Parables Booklets 10-19 (9 pages)
  4. Parables Booklets 20-27 (9 pages)
  5. Parables Booklets 28-34 (11 pages)
  6. Parables Booklets 35-38  (5 pages)
  7. Parables Notebook Pages  (4 pages)
  8. Just for fun, a 1-page-into-10-page minibook ~ Parables – Kingdom of God is like …

Book of James Lapbook

  • based entirely on scriptures using the Modern King James Version
  • covers over 90% of the Book of James.
  • created for middle-school ages and older.
  • a large variety of minibook shapes
  • basic notebook page for the Book of James for combining the minibooks and notebooking.
  • notebook page has lines for copywork and for personal application and space for illustrations or minibooks.
  • the complete download consists of 14 pages with about 34 minibooks, a cover page and other references and notes. For quicker download times I have split this lapbook into 4 smaller files.  🙂

Your free downloads ~

Pearl Harbor Lapbook

Read the original post for extra hints and suggested activities.

The Pearl Harbor Lapbook includes:

  • 19 page download with …
  • lapbook organizer with hyperlinks for each section to original websites
  • Vocabulary and definitions with several activities such as a crossword puzzle, word search and match words with meanings
  • Detailed (even minute-by-minute!) timeline
  • Battleships, Cruisers & Destroyers minibooks
  • Map of the harbor to identify ships
  • What happened? with 3 photos to examine, discuss and describe
  • Oral history and survivor reports from a nurse, a sailor and a lieutenant commander to read, discuss and summarize
  • The aftermath of Pearl Harbour with photo and info
  • History Notebook Pages in 3 variations

This lapbook is for upper middle schoolers (for 10 – 12-year-olds) but can be adapted for younger middle schoolers or extended for junior high students.

Your free downloads ~

3D Ancient Egypt Lapbook

Folds flat & stores other work

This  download includes:

  • Lapbook planner ~ with answers and references & websites
  • minibooks on~
    • People’s rank and importance in Egyptian society
    • hieroglyphics
    • write your name in hieroglyphics
    • hieroglyphic message to decode
    • Word search, Rosetta stone
    • making papyrus
    • Egyptian burial
    • Egyptian food
  • Biography page ~ King Tutankhamun
  • Pictures to color & to make into puzzles
  • Additional hands-on activities ~ ideas on making papyrus, baking bread in pots, a model of Egyptian home, ‘mummify’ a doll, make sarcophagus, making a water-clock and making shadufs.

Free downloadAncient Egypt Lapbook

Tudor Lapbook

Tudor Lapbook openedTudor Lapbook opened

This 16-page download includes the folding and assembly instructions, all the minibook templates and information to complete the minibooks and 2 biography notebooking pages on King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.  Read about this mini lapbook and how we file it.

Free Download ~ Tudor Lapbook  includes the following minibooks:

  • Tudor Artefacts
  • What Tudor kings would and would NOT do
  • Hampton Court and Tudor Food
  • Tudor Entertainment
  • Tudor Monarchs
  • King Henry VIII’s 6 wives
  • William Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare’s Language

Famous Artists Lapbook

Famous Artists featured:

Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo di Lodovico, Raffael Sanzio da Urbino, Sandro Botticelli, Anthony van Dyck, Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Peter Paul Rubens, Salvador Dali, Henry Moore, Paul Jackson Pollock

I have created a ‘blank canvas’ type lapbook as each minibook is blank and the thumbnails are separate.  This means you can use the download as it is and cover every artist, or you could use the minibook templates and use them to feature several works of 1 artist.

There is an organized lapbook planner with website links as well as a page of extra application ideas.

The Famous Artist Lapbook download and all the other Famous Artist pages are found on my Art Page.

Famous Impressionist Artist Minibooks

Famous Impressionist Artists featured ~

Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin, Mary Cassatt, Paul Signac, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Bertha Morisot

For a lapbook or notebook & minibook combination, this versatile 18-page pdf. package includes thumbnails of masterpieces, suggested activities, blank minibook templates and an organized lapbook planner for any option using minibooks.

This download will offer enough material for a dedicated study of each artist and their works.

The Famous Impressionist Artist Lapbook download and all the other Famous Artist pages are found on my Art Page.



Minibook Master Template

Most of my favourite minibook templates all in the 12-page download!

Flap minibooks
Cross, circle petal, and arrow flap minibooks

Free downloadMinibook Master Template

One-Page Minibook Templates

Here are 4 different one-page minibook blank templates for you:

Hotdog one-page minibook

The hot dog one-page minibook creates an 8-page minibook.  All 8 pages are on the one page, which is excellent for printing and photocopying.

long cut one-page minibook

The long cut minibook is the easiest minibook to cut and assemble and creates a 10-page portrait (tall) style minibook.

T-cut one-page portrait minibook

The T-cut minibook is simple and easy to create.  It also forms a 10-page portrait (tall) style minibook.

Landscape one-page minibook

The landscape minibook is the most unusual minibook, yet it is simple to make.  It forms a 10-page landscape(wide) style minibook.

Free downloadOne Page Minibook Templates

New and Unusual Minibooks Master Template

Free downloads ~

I use my Master Template when I create new lapbooks or just need a new minibook for a notebook and minibook combination page.  I print out a stash of minibooks to save time.  View all the photos and descriptions of all these minibooks here.

File your lapbook

Read our post on how we assemble our lapbooks ~ we use duct tape to keep it in the file.

Time-Saving Tips for Doing Lapbooks

Read the full post with details, photos, links and tips here!

1. Download and save your lapbook.

2. Print out the minibooks and instructions.

3.  Spend one afternoon cutting out and stapling, folding and assembling each minibook.

4.  Store the folded minibooks in a ziplock bag for each child (until you get time to do number 5).

5.   IMPORTANT Let your children paste all the new minibooks in their file folders.

6.  Duct tape the side of the lapbook and punch it to store the lapbook in a work file.

7.  Now we are ready to start!

How to store lapbooks

Read my practical tips on how to file lapbooks in file folders or spiral-bound notebooks.

File folder closed with string and brad circles. The label on the spine.

Some of the spiral binding inserted through slits in the duct tape

Free download (available in .docs or  .pdf versions) to use for your lapbook planning ~ Lapbook Planner or Organiser (MS or  Lapbook Planner or Organiser (pdf)  Read my practical lapbook planning tips post here.

Hope you and your kids enjoy these lapbooks as much as we did!

You may freely download these pages for your own personal use. I humbly ask you to respect my copyright. Please link back to my blog when you share with others.

Blessings, Nadene

Copyright © 2015 Nadene Esterhuizen   All rights reserved.  Please email me for permission granted for personal use only.  No part of this publication may be shared, stored, sold, reproduced, or distributed without my written consent.

90 thoughts on “Lapbooks

  1. We’re printing out the Ancient Egypt Lapbook as per instructions via Easy Peasy Homeschool Website. Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for sharing before we print. Dorothy (Northern Ireland)


  2. Is it possible to get help downloading the Ancient Egypt Lapbook? I am so excited to work on this with my three little ones. Thank you so much for sharing!!!


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  8. please disregard previous posts. I finally got ancient egyptian lapbook to download, It kept showing as ‘loaded’ on the page so finally I just pressed :reload page: over and over and then it finally ‘took’. It takes a long time to finish downloading once it shows up also, so patience is necessary once it starts to actually download. Thank you!


  9. these are so great! I have tried the pdf and the links and cannot download anything. could you please email it to me also? I wonder if it is because the pdf is older or our pdf readers are too old? very confusing!


  10. I am having the same problem with the Ancient Egypt Lapbook — both links don’t work on this end. Could you please email me the information? Thank you so much!


    • Thank you for visiting Practical Pages! All the lapbook downloads are in the main title (just click the title), but several readers have missed those smaller lapbook titles and I have now added the download links. I have also emailed you the Ancient Egypt Lapbook file. Enjoy!


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  13. ok I’m sure I’m over thinking it and making it too difficult, you seem to have it all well laid out so I’m sure its me. But I am new to lap books and actually found your page via another. Can you explain a little bit what exactly are lap books and how we construct them? I’m not even sure which line they are supposed to cut! Sorry if this sounds silly 🙂


  14. Thank you so much for taking the time to make all this. My son is so interested in learning about ancient Egypt, and I wanted to try learning it with a lapbook which I am really horrible at doing. I appreciate that you are so helpful and generous to all us homeschooling mamas.


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  17. Thank you SO much for all of the time you put into the book of James lapbook. I am starting it today with my 10 y/o daughter. James is one of my favorite books of the Bible so it is even more special. Blessings on you and your family!:)


  18. I have been trying to print out the ancient Egypt lapbook for an hour can someone tell me if its working or why I cant bring it up,,,thank u angey


  19. Hi, I just wanted to add a tip for storing lapbooks: we use big A3 scrapbook books, those with the faded blue pages, bought mine at checkers. We do all our lapbooks in it, everything stays together in one book – nice record to show to grandparents of what were up to 🙂

    Love your blog! Xx


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  21. Thank you for these wonderful lapbooks! I am have trouble with the 3D Ancient Egypt lapbook. Do you know if there is something else I can try?


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  23. Thank you so much for this free information. I was looking for some way to teach my children more information about ancient history. I can’t wait to get started on this.


  24. Thanks again for all the advice, information and help – this time Lapbooks! Your just amazing.
    The boys receive a monthly subscription on a South African animal with an info page, a little storybook (cardboard), activity book, stickers and an “animal secret”. I want to put this together in a lapbook, with more information on the particular animal, etc. as we are going to do this every month for a year! I would really like a template to use for the lapbook itself, and just maybe change one or two of the minibooks inside as needed every month. Do you have any ideas? Just thought it would be simpler if I had things sort of “set-up” and can just add the information as they come.


    • Sorry Nadene, I actually realised now how stupid the question sounds, or how difficult it would be to give advice as you don’t know what type of content it would hold. Things that are set, will be information on the animal itself (a drawing of the animal with descriptions), what you call the male, female and baby, new vocabulary, a picture puzzle, and a map of where the animal naturally occur.

      But what other type of information can be used for primary and pre-K kids? What else could be brought into the lapbooks that might not be animal specific? Maybe a song or poem?


  25. I’m a Stay At Home Dad. I just recently started homeschooling all three of my kids. When I found this page I was enlightened. I appreciate everything and keep it up please.


    • @Richard, welcome to homeschooling and to Practical Pages. Thank you for your kind comments. I love to encourage and inspire fellow homeschoolers! May you be richly blessed as you learn and grow alongside your children on this amazing homeschool journey!


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  33. These are just so wonderful. I cannot wait to do them with my children. I am so thankful that you are so willingly sharing your gifts this way. Blessings,


  34. These templates and tips are awesome! I can’t believe I didn’t find your blog sooner! Thank you for all your hard work and SHARING.
    Lord bless you


  35. I just popped over here to show my DH your wordpress site & got distracted by your new goodies (smile). Another *really nice*!! extra for hands on learners. Thanks for sharing Nadene


  36. Thank you so much for these resources! Can you tell me where I can find the Little House in the Big Woods 3-d lapbook? It was referred to on your About Me page, but I have not been able to find it. Blessings to you today!


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