We use Charlotte Mason’s principle of copywork

to teach language, grammar

and develop vocabulary and style

and practice beautiful handwriting at the same time!

Beautiful copywork

It is wonderful to see what regular copywork teaches!

  • beautiful, flowing, neat handwriting
  • appreciation for people’s’ thoughts, ideas and views
  • vocabulary extension ~ new words are often incorporated into the child’s own writing
  • sentence construction ~ a natural method of learning language
  • expressive writing ~ provides ideas, knowledge and skills to writing
  • grammar –  learnt from whole and broken into its parts in natural contextual method.
  • reinforces memorization and memory of famous quotations


Nature Inspired Famous Quotes ~

These famous nature-inspired quotes are really beautiful.  Following every quote is a lined section and then a writing prompt.  These questions stimulate the child’s personal response to the quote. (Click here to read the original post.)

Quotes Copywork Nature 2 per page (pdf file)

Quotes Nature Copywork full-page print (MS Word doc file)

(Download this version if you wish to change the font size or style)

    • Nature quotes for younger to middle school children with 2 copywork selections per page.
    • These are fairly short and relatively easy to understand.
    • A small picture adds a nature touch to each page.
    • 9 page pdf download for 18 copywork selections.

Quotes Nature Copywork full page ~

  • A single, slightly longer nature quote on a full-page  for older to high school children.
  • Deeper and more personal writing prompts.
  • Simple, but elegant page border creates a lovely finish.
  • 22 page pdf download (so please be patient.)

Most of my quotes were found on

Sonlight Language Arts Copywork ~ Reading with Easy Readers

Because the Sonlight worksheets are in print and I want my children to practice cursive handwriting, I have printed out my beginner cursive writer’s selections in our favourite style cursive on primary lined paper. (Read the original post here.)

We have 2 font styles we like:

I  prefer the ABC Cursive font because it is the exact style our South African schools use and I used this style for our laminated handwriting charts.

ABC Cursive copywork
Download ABC Cursive Font Copywork ~ CopyworkDictation with Easy Readers

My daughter prefers the loopy, more upright style of the Cursif font.  We correct basic upper case letter differences and our ‘r’s.  I don’t mind the slight differences as long as she writes neatly and carefully when she copies her work.

Cursif Copywork
Download Cursif Font Copywork ~ CopyworkDictation Easy Readers Cursif

George Washington Carver’s quotes ~

I have used 12 inspiring G.W. Carver quotes and each page has an interpretive question or vocabulary extension section. The copywork pages are in 3 different formats ~

Primary lines George Washington Carver Quotes ~13 pages with red top line/blue base line/ grey dotted middle line with large spaces for easy, big  letters and includes a biography page on George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver Quotes ~13 pages with black and grey dotted lines and medium spaces and includes a biography page on George Washington Carver

Print George Washington Carver Quotes ~ 13 pages with clear print font and primary lines as above and includes a biography page on George Washington Carver

Primary lines for beginner handwriting

Famous World Leader Quotes ~

Copywork Famous Quotes ~ a 10 page copywork download.

These pages are an excellent addition to  Sonlight World History Core 1&2.  I have selected some of the most famous leaders (Queen Elizabeth 1, Winston Churchill, Napoleon and others) for these pages. Each page has a print and cursive version and a place for personal interpretation or vocabulary extension.

20 thoughts on “Copywork

  1. The handwriting is beautiful – well done! At what age do you start teaching handwriting? Our child is 6 and her printing is quite messy – any tips?

    I just found your site yesterday and I am hooked – thank you for being such a valuable resource!


    • Welcome here Heather!
      Have you found my Handwriting Pages tab at the top of the bolg? There is a helpful hints booklet on the Print Handwriting Page. Also you could go through the handwriting step-by-step download. For more tips, I suggest you hit the handwriting tab on any post on my blog and all the posts on this topic will come up. Handwriting is a skill which needs regular practice, so once you’ve found the method and style you think will best suit your child, do a little perfect writing daily.
      Good luck and happy researching.


        • @Wassi Chamsy Homeschooling, copywork is an excellent learning tool – essentially used for handwriting practice, but also providing an inspiring quote for dictation lessons and Language Art practice. One copywork selection can be used over and over, each day focusing on a new aspect.
          Before actually starting the copywork, the parent should read the selection with the child, explaining any words the child may not understand, and discussing the concept, idea or inspiration in the quote. Your child should be able to answer questions on the copywork at any age, if you have selected a suitable passage for them and prepared the child as described above.


    • My 6year old daughter has learned cursive. her print aas always really messy with spacing wrong and reversed letters and just overall sloppy writing and her cursive is beautiful and infinitely more legible thann her printing ever was. So we do eberything in cursibe now. and while her print is still messy i figure we can work on it later because you really only need print for fillin out forms so that’s something we can touch on later when her writing habits are well formed. i say go for the cursive!!!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pages. I’m excited about using them with my children! I’ve just begun looking through your blog and I love it already! Thank you again.


  3. What an awesome blog you have.. thank you for sharing 🙂
    I am having a Homeschool Friends Blog Hop and if you want you could join in on the fun..Love to have ya..
    I love the Charlotte Mason way also ♥


  4. I would like to make my own copywork for my children, but I don’t know how. I need both copy one and trace one for my younger daughter with some pictures on.



  5. These quotes are beautiful. If Mom’s like Carmen want to make their own, is a really easy way to customize copywork in print or cursive. You can vary the font or size depending on your child’s age.


  6. Hi! I’m trying to find the ABC Cursive font – and I have on a few Webpages, but they do not look anything like the one u are using. – the one I can find is very swirley-
    Can you perhaps post a link to the font itself?
    Thank you!
    And thank you so much for sharing your copywork pages with us. I was wondering how, where and when I’m going to start doing it with my reluctant writer.


  7. Thankyou so much for your wonderful copywork resources. My daughter spent 2 years at school (from the age of 3 to 5) doing copywork but mistakes were never corrected so she got confused as to which way round the letters should go and questioned the whole point of the exercise. Your copywork resources are just what I need after floundering around for many weeks! Thankyou so much. Tracey


  8. This is so lovely, I was dreading making my own and I have a hard time printing them out with the lines just right. Thank you! The cursive looks rather different to me but it’s something new to learn 🙂 Thank you so much for providing these and may I ask what program do you use to make them?


    • @Chris, I’m delighted that you have found these copywork pages useful! I created them on MSWord and used free cursive fonts which I mentioned on the page. Blessings.


  9. I love the quotes you used and would like to print the editable version, however some of the quotes stop mid sentence. Will this correct itself upon printing?
    Thank you for the resource.


    • @Maranda De La Torre Thank you for your message. It is so long since I used any of these downloads and I would need to check each one so could you please email me and let me know which document seems to be incomplete and I will edit it and send it you you.


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