Menu Planner

Most our meal planning is based around our Menu Planner Ideas ~ a list of meals and recipes we use most often. During our weekly planning sessions, we will select meals and allocate a person to cook or assist me in cooking on that day. ( I hope that we will each add some new recipes to the meal planner as we go along!)

menu planner ideasHere is my Menu Planner free download ~ Menu Planner Ideas

How I made my board ~

  • Paint a rusty old baking sheet. (Note to self: use rust remover paint next time!)
  • Modge Podge scraps of fabric that match my kitchen scheme on to the board.
  • Add some ribbon around the edges to finish it off.
  • Modge Podge the title, Menu Planner Ideas and the days of the week over the material.
  • Add a few more coats, allowing each to dry.
  • Paste all our names on some magnetic tape and Modge Podge them as well.
  • Glue-gun the white tile on the board.
  • Glue-gun a bent fork to hold a recipe card. Bend 2 fork tines forward so that the card fits in easily.fork recipe holder

Whether you use a white board, a framed menu planner, an online planner or a printed planner, hope that your week’s planning is easy and enjoyable!


4 thoughts on “Menu Planner

  1. Nadene!!! This is so inspiring!!! I ‘ve never made a menu plan as I have only males in the house who are always hungry, so a menu planner would drive me mad.Imagine I was going to make roasted chicken for today but they wanted lasagne??? But I love your organisation an d the bent fork idea just made it quirky!!! God bless you..xxoo


    • @Lina, thanks! Some weeks I write up a really flexible menu planner – no days or names scheduled – just main meal ideas. My hubby and son can perhaps chose what they prefer off the list, I just defrost the meat and still have a plan! It saves me from the worst question, “What’s for supper?”


  2. What a super great idea Nadene!! Love your craftiness!! Doesn’t having the meal planned for the day sooo clear ones (homeschooling) head! I love my planner, might have to give it an update after your inspiration! 🙂
    Smiles Sharnee 🙂


    • @Sharnee, thanks, sweetie! I think that having a meal plan is the most wonderful saving grace! I really hate to think what to make 20 minutes before a meal! I often mix my meals around, but at least the ideas are up on the board! 🙂


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