Paper Dolls

Here are our collection of paper dolls and paper men that my daughters and I have created.  Our World History studies,  historical novels, as well as classic movies have inspired many of these designs.

We are happy for you to download these pages for your own personal use.  Please give our link to these pages to others if you wish others to share our creativity, but I humbly ask that you may not copy these pages to sell them! :)

Paper Dolls of Past Eras:

Medieval Paper dolls and men (Updated )

Click the downloads ~

  1. Medieval Lady
  2. Medieval Man
  3. Medieval Knight

Historical Paper Dolls

Click here for your download ~Paper Dolls & clothes

This download includes:

  • Jane Austen fashions of the 1800’s
  • Victorian era
  • Edwardian eras of 1900’s
  • Medieval era
  • King Louis French fashions
  • 1960’s fashions

Paper Dolls of Ancient History:

Click here for your download ~ Paper Dolls Ancient History

This 4 page download includes ~

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Vikings
  • Ancient Rome
  • Elizabethan Era

Paper Dolls of Ancient Japan, China, India and North American Indians:

Here is your download ~ Paper Dolls Japan China India Native American Indians

This download includes:

  • Ancient China
  • Ancient Japan
  • Ancient India
  • Native Americans

Paper Men of Ancient History:

Click here for your 7 page download ~ Paper Men Ancient History

This 4 page download includes ~

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Vikings
  • Ancient China
  • Ancient Japan
  • Ancient India

Paper dolls with modern clothes:

Click here for your download ~ Paper Dolls

This was our first paper doll post and it features modern clothing.

The post gives detailed step-by-step photos of how we make our paper dolls.

How do we make and use the paper dolls?

The girls colour in and cut out each piece out and then we laminate everything.

I just love the laminater – it really makes things last so much longer and prevents tearing when they remove articles or accessories.

The girls stick the laminated clothing on the doll with prestick (sticky-stuff).

You may want to add shoulder tabs as the vintage paper dolls have instead.

As I am constantly creating more paper dolls to add to our collection, please subscribe or click on my RSS feed under my Gravatar to receive notification of the latest posts.



96 thoughts on “Paper Dolls

  1. Thank you SO much for this! We have had so much fun with these paper dolls — just done with Ancient History — finally something my little boy (Sebastian almost 8) could get a hold of.

  2. I feel silly to ask this, Nadene, but I can’t find the actual MEN paper dolls. In the men PDF, there is an Indian man and Chinese man, but for the other styles (Viking, etc) there are faces and clothes but no bodies. Do we just stick the pieces together to make the man or use the Asian men as the base?
    We’re trying to act out King Lear. :-)

    • The Ancient India man is our basic man. His features are ‘neutral’ and with the different hair styles he looks the part! We included bearded faces to stick over our neutral man and then he is totally transformed. (The Ancient Japanese man will work for the Ancient Chinese man.)
      Have fun acting out Shakespeare! ;)

  3. thanks AGAIN for keeping your paper dolls available. my kids NEVER get tired of them! i have an 8 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl, who both homeschool. thank you, thank you, thank you!

    jen :)

  4. Thanks for sharing such wonderful creations. I have 2 boys (8 and 5) but love paperdolls myself so am wanting to include them in their history studies..

  5. I love these!! Cannot wait to use this with my family this next school year! Are there any plans for early american paper dolls? 1700-1800?

  6. Found these. LOVE them! You’re one of the only people who draws guys. And it’s great to see someone else using Sonlight. Raised on that. :) Great idea making paper dolls for that.

  7. Hi Nadine, I just love these Paper-dolls. It was one of my favorites when I was a little girl. My little Princess(6) just discovered Paper-dolls, I cannot wait sharing this with her.
    I enjoy your blog so much, it’s like walking through a garden, it gave me so much joy. Thanks for sharing everything for free, I pray that you will receiving back in abundance.
    Love Merinda from Bellville (SA) :-)

  8. Wow these are so fantastic. My 6 year old girl is sooo excited and is right now busy cutting and colouring. Her 8 year old brother was excited to see there were some boy ones too and that now he gets to do some too.

  9. Thank you! My 6 year old daughter LOVES to color clothes, and play with paper dolls. What a blessing to find a free printable.

  10. These are lovely! This reminds me of years ago for a Freshman English project on Elizabethan times I took store-bought paper dolls and made Elizabethan costumes for them. It was so much fun, and really a applied learning experience to do the research on what was appropriate clothing. I still have the project!

  11. Hello dear Nadene!
    I’m soooo excited to have found your amazing, wonderful, inspiring site!! YAY!!! SO happy!!! I was planning on Sunday night for my homeschooling week and GOd gave me this super idea of doing paper dolls for my younger girls in Edwardian style (we are studying The Titanic.) Without too much searching there you are…. your little wonder page of assorted dolls from ages gone by are right there… FREE for me to print! Oh thank you sooo very much!! The girls have LOVED them, totally LOVED them!! I’ve printed out at least 3 pages so they can have different coloured outfits (all at their request!) Even Esther my 2 yr old has had the best fun! My son wants one, it’s hard to find “guys” especially in Edwardian (plenty of Victorian era) I ended up making my own, thanks to your inspiration!!
    Oh i really am sooo thankful for all the fabulous things you have to share here, I am now officially a follower and Praise God for your kindness!
    Have a blessed day sweet Nadene,
    Smiles Sharnee :)

  12. thank you so much for sharing these designs, I have already printed them all off and am eagerly awaiting the next ones! Please may you make a page of men for me? I would try myself but i’m afraid I’m not too good :-) thank you so very much, from myself and all of my paper-doll-obsessed friends.
    Alice (12 years old)

  13. Thanks again, Nadene, for a wonderful product and idea that you are willing to share with us. I received little books about Children of the World, and my mil still has a set of encyclopedias – Children of the World, that I was wondering how to bring alive to the boys. This will be perfect!

  14. A good book to go along with the paper dolls is Costume, published by Dorling Kindersley, an Eye-Witness book . Sub-title: Discover the history and meaning of clothing-from loincloths to buckskins to the ever-changing fashions of today. Thanks for this project to work on as we listen to history read-alouds!

  15. Dear Nadine,

    These paperdolls are wonderful! I am an ESL teacher and would like to use them with some of my classes. Would you mind my reproducing them often enough to do that?

    Thank you!

  16. My son loves the men dolls! (I’m so impressed with the details, btw.) He is very hopeful that you will also design a page for North American Indian men clothes.

  17. Just amazing, love it!!
    I’ll use it as a vocabulary game in my English lessons for children :)
    Thank so much, it’s just what I was looking for!

  18. Your viking paper dolls are just perfect for my ELT year project on vikings.
    Thank you so very much for sharing them.
    Love from Argentina!

  19. Hi I’m a student teacher and we are studying the Vikings, and I was wondering whether it is okay whether I use your Viking clothes to show the children in class? As they are a great way to show all the different things that they wore. Please get back to me soon thanks!

  20. Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Bless your heart for all you share here on your delightful blog. While my 2 sons are now grown, and I’m not blessed with little ones around right now, I do consider myself somewhat of a Grandmother-in-waiting ;) and your crafts and projects are wonderful, truly worth sharing and saving!
    With appreciation, Gina

  21. Even though I teach high school, my students will love these. Also thinking about using the women’s printables for a women’s studies course. Thanks!

  22. I just have to say that I am soooo excited to find your website. I recently started homeschooling my four kids and it has been a bit overwhelming. I printed off your animal science worksheets yesterday and did a fun project with them today. They wanted to get online and find all sorts of animals and figure out where they came from. It was pure joy for me to watch!! Thank you SO much for the time and effort you put into this site. Thank you for sharing it with newbies like me! :)

  23. Thank you so much for creating these. I used the Ancient Roman paper dolls in my sophomore English class this year for a fun project. I assigned each of my students a role from “Julius Caesar” and then had them create their character using the paper dolls. They glued them to a card and then wrote a character sketch of their person on the back. We then hung each of the cards from the ceiling. As their character dies in the story we cut them down. This gives the students a great visual to go along with the play and has helped to keep them more interested in it as well. I hope to do this next year with my juniors when we read “The Crucible” but I will need Puritan styled clothing for it, which I don’t see. Do you have any plans to create anything for that time period? Again, thank you so much. The paper dolls are awesome!

    • @Jennifer, what a fantastic visual aid! I’m sure that the class was utterly engaged! Sorry about the lack of Puritan-style dolls. It will have to go on my”to do” list!

  24. Thank you for adding men and boys! I have a mixed crowd at my house, and my boys LOVE costumes. We are using this with our Sonlight World History.

  25. Thanks for these wonderful paper dolls, I’m going to work on Romeo and Juliet with my pupils and I’m thinking of using these dolls!

  26. Thank you. Your dolls are a great addition to my theater class. We will use them in our costume unit. I feel as though you have given me a wonderful gift.

  27. I printed these last week and since then it’s ALL my girls (ages 4 and 6) want to do–color and cut them out! What a blessing! I’m going to use them in our homeschool, too. Thank you so much!

  28. Thanks Nadine, once again for your creativity. We are using the Elizabethan dolls to go alongside our Elizabethan unit study. Thank you so much for generously making them available for free. May God bless you abundantly!

  29. Nadine, thank you so much for your time, creativity, and generosity for sharing your materials. I’ve been your fan for many years now and have loved all your materials! My children love them too! Please keep them coming!! Your posts are inspiration to all educators!!
    May I ask……will you have ancient Greek paper dolls? That would complete our ancient history set! Just wanted to ask….because we love your drawings!

    • @terry, thank you for your kind comments! I have a long “to do” list for the paper dolls … and I hope to add the Ancient Greek dolls to the list and try plan in some creative work … ;)

  30. These will be so awesome for our homeschool! These will be a great way to liven up our historical and cultural studies! Thank you so much for sharing!

  31. I just wanted to let you know I think your paper dolls are absolutely wonderful! We homeschool our 12 year old autistic son who is also a kinetic learner. Although I haven’t started using your dolls yet, I have plans to use them this year, when we start with ancient history! I love that you have BOTH men AND women and even include underclothes to period! I’ve included your website on my blog and also listed it in articles I’ve written for kinetic learners on the Teacher’s Toolbox, so hopefully I’ve shared your pages well. lol I’m hoping to create backdrops and bases so our son can act a few things out as we study as an optional activity to drawing, so I appreciate when you’ve included little accessories to your dolls too. Although we’ve already studied American History last year, I’m wondering if there’s any chance you would consider adding at least some basic paper dolls for American history?? Also, have you thought of including slaves to your ancient history collection?? The dolls I have looked at so far seem to be from the higher classes. Maybe I’m wrong?

    • @Edwina, I’m delighted that the paper dolls fill such a wonderful place in your planning! I am sure that your son will love to create the worlds of ancient history with your backgrounds and bases! What a delightful addition! I have several other paper doll and men themes that I would like to develop when I make time. Most of the paper dolls do include several “classes”, essentially they wore the simpler colthes such as the tunics and first clothing layers, and did not have the rich, decorative fabrics, cloaks and jewelry. Check the Medieval Lady for some examples.

  32. FYI There are many different tribes of Native Americans and the dress from one tribe to another varies, especially depending on the climate each tribe lives in, like a desert region and a colder climate like Alaska would wear totally different clothing. I would like to suggest that you label which tribe(s) you have included in your Native American paper dolls. It’s an absolutely fantastic set but…

    • @Edwina, thank you for your observations, but I created generic pages, not realistic representations of specific tribes or cultures based from our Sonlight Usborn History books.

  33. Hi Nadene
    Love these but was hoping you might have some of South African early settlers? I am trying to teach our children the South African heritage :) We are currently living here in the USA.

  34. Thank you so much for sharing this resource! You are so creative and I used this activity with the girls in my classes as we studied Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt. They loved it :)

  35. I am an elementary art teacher and this year I am teaching the history of art, from cave men to the Renaissance. I include the Ming dynasty in my curriculum, so your ancient Chinese dolls will be great for our upcoming unit. The Egyptian, Roman, Viking, and Middles Ages were awesome for my students! One suggestion – we will also be studying the Aztecs, Mayas, and Incas – the Aztec eagle warrior and jaguar warrior would be cool for that. Next year I continue with art history, from the Renaissance to modern art. The last time I taught that curriculum I made your dolls available to my students for the appropriate time periods in art. Thanks so much – what a great resource!

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