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We love art!

Here are all our art appreciation lessons, art activities and downloads.

We follow a Charlotte Mason art appreciation approach ~

“Children should learn pictures, line by line, group by group, reading, not books, but pictures themselves … After a short story of the artist’s life … the pictures are studied one at a time. Children learn not merely to see a picture but to look at it, taking in every detail.”

Famous Artists

Featuring ~Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael Sanzio da Urbino, Sandro Botticelli, Anthony van Dyck, Johannes Vermeer, Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Peter Paul Rubens, Salvador Dali, Henry Moore, Jackson Pollock

Famous Impressionist Artists

Featuring ~ Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin, Mary Cassatt, Paul Signac, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Bertha Morisot

  • Famous Impressionist Wall Chart 2017  ~ includes a selection of my favourite famous Impressionist artists,  each with a brief biography and a gallery of 3 of their most famous artworks.   This is a wonderful way to display the “Artist of the Month”  in your homeschool.
Cover famous impressionist wall chart

Art Era Timeline Page

The Art Era Timeline is a very comprehensive overview, with dates, eras, famous artists of each movement and a thumbnail example of their most eminent works. Different eras are on separate pages.

Art Era Timeline cover

Due to the size of the Art Era Timeline file, I have divided the file into 4 downloads:

Music & Art Timeline Cover

How to use the timeline:

  • Print out and bind as is, or add to a Book of Centuries
  • Cut and paste the pages side-by-side/ under each other as an art timeline. (It’ll be huge!)
  • Add artwork thumbnails to a timeline on a wall.
  • Cut the artworks and paste them on cards and let children match the artists to the eras.

Art Appreciation Lessons

(Click on the links below the images for the post with all the links, free download and lesson ideas.)

Famous Artists

Paul Klee

Here is your free download ~ Paul Klee bio & gallery & art lessons

Paul Klee Poems 001

Gustav Klimt

Klimt Tree of Life 002
Klimt 002
Kilmt Art1

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Pastel Portraits1
Leonardo da Vinic baby sketches1

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

2013-06-17 21.37.09

Pablo Picasso

Art Picasso guitars
Picasso Portraits 002

Henri Matisse

Jackson Pollock

One of Namuth's many photos of Jackson Pollock...

Georgia O’Keeffe

Albert Bierstadt in pastels

Art Albert Bierstadt2
Art Albert Bierstadt

John Singer Sargent

Art John Singer Sargent2
Art John Singer Sargent1

William Adolphe Bouguereau




Johan Vermeer


Tracing Outlines of Famous Art Works

Vincent Van Gogh

My 14-year-old's irises

George Seurat

Visit Notebooking Fairy for some free notebooking pages Pointillism on Seurat

Paul Cezanne

Claude Monet

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

Camille Pissarro

Mary Cassatt

Paul Gauguin

Paul Signac

Alfred Sisley

Berthe Morisot

Edouard Vuillard

Contemporary Artists

Julia Anastasopoulos ~ South African illustrator, designer and artist.  You can find her art under her name Knolc on Behance.

Kate's cityscape

Alisa Burke is an awesome contemporary artist!  She shares her art,  sketchbook pages, ideas, tutorials and inspiration on her blog Burke

Kate's art3

Street Art Appreciation Lesson – Banksy and Stik inspired street art


Jane Davenport and our “Beautiful Faces Tutorial” inspired art experience ~

I found a soap advert that inspired me. I loved the purple color and the rose in her hair. I layered old sewing pattern paper on my background. I realized that the pattern paper spoke of my constant

Loretta Graysons at her blog Shoebox of Photographs and the blog post of our tutorial experiences.

Pop over to see her free tutorial and read our Loretta Grayson Inspired Art Lesson

Marjolein Bastin

Marjolein Bastin is a Dutch-noted nature artist, writer, children’s author and illustrator.

Marjolein Bastin's

Other Art Lessons

365 Things to Draw and Paint”  Usborne Activities by Fiona Watt (ISBN 978-1-86806-319-2)


This book revived my 10-year-old’s love for art!  All the lessons are simple, non-threatening and FUN!  Read our posts ~

Drawing with Children” by Mona Brookes

Read my blog post ~ Warm-Ups Works!

Download a free pdf. version of her chart ~ The 5 basic elements of shape Starting a Still Life

South African Artist

Jacob Hendrick Pierneef

Art Appreciation – using a grid to enlarge a Pierneef painting

I hope these art lessons inspire you to give art a try in your homeschool!  🙂

I’d love to hear from you ~  if you have enjoyed a download, need advice or just wish to contact me, please feel free to write.  I will respond to your private email via the contact form on my About Me page.  🙂

Blessings, Nadene



48 thoughts on “Art

  1. I love your Art Era timeline, any possibility of extending it from Prehistoric to Pre-Renaissance? I would LOVE a complete Art timeline! Thank you.


  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the combined art and music timeline. I was looking for one the other day and couldn’t find anything I liked. Yours is perfect — just what I wanted. Bless you!


  3. I have been spending hours looking through your many posts! You are amazing. I cant seem to download the Famous artist wall chart or any other of the links for famous artists. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much


    • @Kyli Call, I’ve checked and fixed all the broken links (don’t know whay that happened) and you can click the download link which will open on a new tab. Please email me if you have any problems and I will email you the download.


  4. Hallo Miss Nadene i had a idea for art work. i was thinking maybe we could do something like this….
    It is an example of something my brother did – it’s a code of arms picture. Sorry, I can’t paste the picture in here. How can I send you my picture?
    Blessings Lina


  5. Miss Nadene, thank you for what you said in another comment about children not minding unfinished art. I have a son, will be 6 in June. He gets excited about the art projects then some go unfinished. One of my biggest flaws has always been unfinished projects as well. I’ve been trying to keep him focused on finishing things but it feels like I’m nagging & taking the fun away. I mentioned it to my husband & he said he remembered being excited about starting art projects but not finishing some, not to worry. I just wanted to develop better habits for my son than I’ve had to learn to master (and still struggle with at times). We also follow Miss Mason’s approach to home schooling, isn’t it the most loving environment to foster the excitement of learning and create lasting memories! I’ve found that a year round schedule works best for us with less curriculum and more fun, experiments & nature exploration in the Summer. What you’ve created here is amazing, thank you Ma’am for your hard work laying it out! Gives me a great reference to start a wonderful Spring/Summer of fun art. I’ll be looking forward to more from you & did sign up! Many Blessings.


    • @Miss Sami, Thank you for your kind comments! It is wonderful how we as parents learn and grow along with our children on this homeschooling journey. Blessings in your art lessons and hove lots of fun!


  6. Great site… I am loving everything you do. One question though, do your children complete their art pictures in one sitting or do they finish them up throughout the week? I always thought that you were suppose to introduce a new picture every week but my children cannot seem to finish their art pictures by the time I am suppose to show them another one. Thanks for your advice!


    • @Michelle, welcome! We mostly finish our art in one day. Because we set Fridays apart for Fine Art, we have hours available to do a leisurely lesson. Also, because I was a public school teacher, most my art lesson ideas are short enough to complete in one sitting. Just remember that art is individual and each person responds differently to the challenges that they encounter as they create! I would suggest the you encourage your kids to try complete their art the next day/ days so that the work is still fresh in their minds. Incomplete work is also fine. Young children don’t mind the end product being incomplete. They simply enjoy the process. Maybe you could adapt the art activity for your slower children. And if the whole family needs more time, then intentionally stretch your lessons and take more time! The new picture can always wait for another week 🙂


  7. I too found you on Pinterest. I was looking for some art exampls of different artists to show to my granddaughter. She will soon be 7, and she shows a talent and an eye for art that I want to encourage. I want her to learn, but I don’t want her to lose the fresh vision that she seems to have. Any recommendations on how to do that?


  8. It’s always fun to look at art ideas, see new ones and also say, “Hey, I’ve done that!”
    Thanks for sharing the great Artists & Ideas!!


  9. I found you via Pinterest too — my older daughter is 5 and loves coloring and drawing, so I’m excited to give her some ideas (and gently let her know that there is no “right” way to make art). 🙂 Thanks for sharing your lessons!


  10. Came here via Pinterest, looking for the coloring pages. My hubby and I don’t have kids, but this will definitely be a resource for nieces and nephews in the future! We are both art buffs, and this will be a great way for us to share our love of art with future generations!


  11. Hello Nadene, I stopped by your page looking for inspiration for my elementary art school projects. But when I saw the spelling of your name I had to leave a message!. My daughters’ name is also Nadene, It is so rare to see it with the older spelling she was so excited., thanks for your art lessons.I really like your VanGogh page.
    Have a great day


  12. Excellent work! You have really thought these lessons through. I’m a middle school art teacher and think you are wonderful! THANK YOU for sharing. LIFE is ART.


  13. Wow, oh wow!! This is so wonderful – your children have really accomplished some expressive tasks! they should feel proud. Nice work. My three year old son colors for five minutes, then organizes his crayons and fights them against ‘bad guys’ for half an hour! Not an artist so much 🙂 haha
    thanks so much for sharing these! cheers, t


    • @Tracey, thank you! Your son’s creativity is clearly awakened – he’s only 3 and already keeping himself happily creative for so long! Just gently give him time, creative opportunities and grace and he’ll amaze you with his artistic flair as he matures!


  14. My husband and I are big art geeks, so I was thrilled to find this page from Pinterest. I love it! My daughter is just getting into coloring and I want to start her out right. Thanks for sharing your hard work.


  15. I am very interested in the Artists and Composers, I think it will be so fun for my girls!! But I am curious, when working on your timeline, do you “teach” the composers and artists from the same time period?? This is something we have never done, our first year to think “out of the box” so to speak…so I am learning right along w/them!


    • @Mandy, I use the timeline just for reference when we study an artist. Sometimes it helps to put the Famous Musicians/ Composers with famous Artists in eras on our timeline so that we can see periods of art and music (e.g.: Baroque, Romantic, Modern, impressionist). I love learning along with my kids too!


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