Free Cover Pages

We use notebook files for all our subject.  Here are the cover pages or dividers for each subject.  Visit Organization Tips 2 to see how I organize our notebook file system.

New! latest cover pages for 2012 ~

Outline Text and Colour-in cover pages:

Whimsical theme cover pages:


7 thoughts on “Covers

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  2. Thank you for these!!! Your blog is a wonderful resource. I was specifically looking for cover pages for our notebooks and thought to check your page first…and wow, sure enough you had posted some! 🙂


  3. Thank you ever so much for sharing your work. All your files are just awesome. I am glad I found your site. – Sorry I haven’t left comments on all your pages – I will go back and do so when I have time.


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  5. A friend linked me to your site when I asked her about printing blank matchbooks, and I just love it!

    I’m also impressed to see that you’re South African. For some reason, I thought homeschooling was almost exclusively a North American phenomenon.


  6. Every page of your website is an absolute goldmine to me as a new homeschooling mom. Thank you seems so inadequate, but thank you for all that you have given me for this first year 🙂


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