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Updated! A Mini Office is essentially a reference file or folder with all a child’s personal important information right at hand.  This could be reference charts, handwriting charts, number lines, multiplication tables, vocabulary lists, handy facts and any other useful information. It is a handy way of encouraging children to work independently and to provide the necessary assistance without having to put up visual displays.Homeschool 2015

Updated! Junior Mini Office download ~Junior Mini Office updated 2018

Mini Office

Mini Office2

  1. Number Line & Number Chart
  2. Ordinal numbers & Fractions
  3. Tally or scores, finger counting signs, Shapes, Colours, Directions
  4. Number words & Roman Clock and Roman numbers
  5. Multiplication Tables
  6. Seasons & Months & Days of the Week
  7. Days of the week & time of the day
  8. Address & Where am I?
  9. Weather symbols and Rainbow New!
  10. Sight Word Walls
  11. Phonic Alphabet New!
  12. Phonic Blends New!
  13. Family Words
  14. Print Handwriting Chart
  15. Cursive Handwriting Chart

Updated! Senior Mini Office downloadSenior Mini Office Updated 2018

Mini Office1

This 20-page download covers a lot of Mathematics.  All the pages have been refreshed, updated or new pages created ~ 

  1. Number Chart
  2. Number words New!
  3. Multiplication Table
  4. Keeping score / Tally, Finger counting, Shapes & Colours
  5. Maths Symbols & their meanings & Compass
  6. Ordinal numbers & Roman Clock & Roman numerals
  7. Telling Time , Clock face, Analogue & Digital Clocks New!
  8. Angles & Fractions Updated!
  9. Different types of fractions & Converting fractions Updated!
  10. Converting Units & Number Systems
  11. Percentages – Decimals – Fractions
  12. Circles – Definition & Formula
  13. 2D Shapes – Description Circumference & Area formula
  14. 3D Shapes – Description Volume & Outer Area formula
  15. Triangles – Definition & Formula
  16. Weather symbols & Wind direction & speed symbol & Celsius/Fahrenheit New!
  17. Cursive Handwriting Chart New!

More Maths Mini Office pages ~

Handy Tips ~

  • Print out only the pages your child needs.  (It is in A4 landscape format.  You can try print 2 pages on 1 page to create a smaller A5 version.)
  • Paste onto card stock or a file folder or lapbook.
  • My senior children used a plastic display file folder.
  • LAMINATE!  It will last for years.
  • Use whiteboard markers on your laminated surfaces.
  • Keep handy in the child’s maths books, notebook or ring binder.

South African Mini OfficeSouth African Mini Office Eng & Afrik

  • Number line, number chart 1-120, number & words
  • Order words & fractions
  • numbers on hands, scores and shapes
  • Directions, Numbers 1-20 *, Roman numerals
  • Multiplication table 1-12
  • Seasons*, Months of the year*
  • Days of the week*, Telling time*
  • Where I live
  • Map of South Africa
  • Weather chart*
  • South African Money
  • Sight Word Wall
  • Sight Word Wall
  • Family words*
  • Handwriting Print & Cursive

Junior Calendar Mini Office with Days, Months, Season & Weather Chart download ~ Day Week Month Season Chart

A simple, practical idea for junior primary children ~

This is a 1 page-does-it-all-in-one chart all assembled with rotating circles and slide bars instead of fiddly flash cards, pictures, Velcro and all those other bits & bobs! Once assembled, the circles rotate and viewer slides to show the right pictures and information. Easy as pie!

The child just checks the date and places the little yellow circle over the correct date, moves the circles behind the chart to show the correct day of the week, season, weather and temperature, and slides the bar to show the correct month. This chart maybe placed in your child’s file or added to your junior mini office!
Assembly instructions:
  1. First download the 4 page pdf. file
  2. Then cut out all the windows on the chart, the season, weather, temperature, days of the week and date circles and the sliding month bar.
  3. Laminate the chart and all the circles and sliding month bars.
  4. Pierce the holes for the split pins or brads as indicated with black dots.
  5. Assemble the circles at the back of the chart as per instructions.  (The month sliding window bar is a little more tricky, but I hope the photos will help.)
  6. Attach the  2 cardboard strips at the top and bottom of the month column with clear packaging tape. Insert the window bar  from the front through the slits and wrap it around the strips and stick ends together at the back.

It is really worth laminating this chart when you make it!

We have used our chart for over 7 years and it is still as good as new!

You can research more on mini offices at Jimmie’s Hub Pages Mini Office

Blessings, Nadene

27 thoughts on “Mini Offices

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  3. Thank you so much! After retiring last year I am now doing remedial teaching I have been teaching grade one for twenty years. Now teaching grade four Maths to a profoundly deaf little girl. Your charts are fabulous! Thank you for sharing.


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  7. Nadene, these charts are excellent! I am so glad I found them. Thank you very much for your time saving and very creative ideas.

    I couldn’t help but read Ann’s reply about learning Afrikaans – do you know that there are literally thousands of Americans who are tought Afrikaans in some of the schools? And I am not talking about immigrants from here. I heard it over RSG radio station one morning when they spoke about how overseas visitors saw/experienced South Africa.


  8. Thank you so much for sharing these mini offices. My husband has had three strokes in the last three years and has difficulty remembering the words he wants or the date, day of the week, etc. I’ve had trouble finding reasonably priced visual aids for him. Some of the pages I’ve printed and laminated for him. He can easily mark the day of the week, etc. with write-on, wipe-off pens. Other pages are helpful as a quick reminder of a word he is having trouble remembering. This has made such a difference in his level of frustration. THANK YOU!!!


  9. I have a question – what is the second language you translate numbers and such into? I am in the USA and this would be fun to learn a new language that we will see often as we watch you posts come in and use some of your material. I so love your postings and ideas.


      • Funny I found that out from my Pastor last night as I was telling her about your blog and how I was going to hopefully teach my daughter this cool new language … My Pastor has been to Africa and wants to retire there when she’s no longer actively preaching (she’s young so it’ll be decades) but she was able to tell me the language and it’s history. Now I am even more excited to learn more of this language as something different than the usual Spanish or French.


  10. This is really neat. I have been trying to find a way to teach my youngest this information but the chart wasn’t working at all. I couldn’t get things to stay up without a TON of velcro. This may be the perfect solution! Thanks so much for sharing this!!



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