Bible Cover

I wanted to personalize and add dividers to my ordinary Bible Cover to hold my notebook, pens and Hymns booklet.

I started with a store-bought canvas Bible Cover,  but you obviously can make your own Bible Cover from scratch 🙂

Here’s how ~

Make 2 dividers with pockets ~ one for my Bible and the other for my notebook.

  1. I measured and cut a piece of plastic the same size as my Bible’s back cover. (I re-cycled a used plastic cutting board which is very thin and light, but firm.  You could just use some thick card stock.)
  2. Measure 1 piece of fabric slightly wider and longer than the plastic for the back of the divider.
  3. Cut a 2nd piece of fabric about 2 thirds the length of the back fabric.
  4. Cut a 3rd strip of contrast fabric to form an edge piece and another to attach the divider to the cover.
  5. Sew the edge strip to the contrast fabric.  Press. Top stitch.
  6. Place right-sides together to back fabric and sew the sides and top. Make sure your pocket faces the correct side so that your Bible cover can slide inside once the divider is sewn into the cover.  Snip the corners careful, turn right-sides out.  Press.  Insert the plastic.
  7. Add the strip to close the divider.  I did mine like a bias binding; sewing the strip to the back, folding it over and folding the edge under and top-stitch to close.  Carefully fold the sides and sew them closed.
  8. Sew the Bible divider slightly to the right of the center of the Bible cover.  Measure with your Bible in the actual Bible cover and your divider pocket.
  9. I sewed the notebook divider to the zipper because I want my notebook to fold out of the Bible cover and yet stay in its pocket.

Make a zipper pouch~ follow my tutorial for this at my Nature Study Bag page.

  1. Measure your longest pen/pencil/ ruler to decide how long your pouch should be. Make it narrow enough to fit between the inside pocket and the spine of the Bible cover.
  2. Sew all around pen pouch near the spine/handle part of the Bible cover.  Make sure that you do not sew the inside pocket for the Bible closed!

Create a zipper pull-tab

  1. Cut a strip of fabric about 12cm (5″) long and about 3cm (1″) wide.
  2. Fold the outside edges to the center and fold again to close.
  3. Top-stitch.
  4. Insert through the zipper’s existing pull tag, through the hole in the tag, and loop to close.  Hand-stitch closed.

Embroider and decorate I embroidered some simple designs with embroidery floss and added beading for a lovely finishing touch.
I am delighted with my cover.

It will make a lovely gift too, don’t you agree?


3 thoughts on “Bible Cover

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  2. oh my gosh you are so talented! I would love to make this but I don’t know how to sew. At all. I could put a button on something if I had to, but I don’t know how to use a sewing machine. I guess I just made a new goal for myself! bookmarking this page for a later time! lol.

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