Famous Music Quotes Copywork Pages

Introducing new free Famous Music Quotes for Copywork ~

I have created a collection of 50 Famous Music Quotes copywork pages, in separate print and cursive downloads.   This bundle contains one Famous Music Quotation copywork sheet a week for a whole year!  

These copywork pages also include a personal response or interpretive writing prompts, offering you a power-packed application if you follow Charlotte Mason’s 3 copywork stages ~

I.  Copywork (Grades 1-2) is simply copying a passage ~

  • copy carefully & slowly,  practice beautiful handwriting in context, reinforces the habits of observation, best effort, and attention

II.  Transcription. (Grades 2-3) copying from memory ~ 

  • looks at/ studies the word in the passage, then writes it from memory, and double checking his spelling right away

III. Dictation (Grades 4–12) an advanced skill of writing out the prepared passage as the parent or teacher dictates it to him ~

  • The child studies the passage ahead of time, taking note of the spelling, punctuation and capitalizationParents dictate the passage phrase by phrase.

Here are your free Famous Music Copywork pages ~

Pop over to my Copywork Pages for all my other free downloads.

Blessings, Nadene

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3 thoughts on “Famous Music Quotes Copywork Pages

  1. I have two questions. Would you use the response questions for all ages? And how do you handle it if you ask a question like this, and the child just says, “I don’t know”?


    • @RD What an interesting question ~ The response question is aimed at the young middle school to high school child, but as a parent, you can adapt the question to suit your own child’s age, interest and ability. It is just a suggestion, but you are looking for a way for the child to personally connect with the statement in the quote.
      If a child says,”I don’t know”, then start an informal discussion around the question or the quote. I found that my children related very easily to movies or DVDs in some of these quote responses, where music so clearly plays an important role in establishing mood and tone. Also, the child need not necessarily write a response, but talk together about the quote or concept. It has the most powerful way of growing a child’s thinking and connectivity to ideas and concepts.


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