Combining Notebook and Minibook Pages

Notepage with minibooks closed at top

Notepage with minibooks closed at top

Minibook "doors" open!  Look inside!

Minibook "doors" open! Look inside!

We love these combo pages!

The girls illustrated the details of their narrations inside these shutter fold minibooks.

Below them they wrote about 5 sentences.

I urge them to retell me at least 5-8 facts.

They are often delighted when I show them they narrated over 15 facts!

This is really encouraging – they are listening while I read to them!

The advantage of this combo is that they can do the work over several days if they want to include a lot of detail.  They prefer the booklets to the writing, but will quickly start writing so that they can enjoy the minibooks.



Here are some of the combo page themes I’ve used for our Sonlight World History Core 1:

  • Famous Musicians – minibook on musical words+ Composer petal book on his childhood, his prefered instrument, difficulties he faced, his family life, his most famous composition
  • Slavery and American Civil War – Flap minibook on the north and south forces, flag, uniforms and generals + a concertina booklet about Abraham Lincoln
  • Inventions – Layer book with a page for each invention + match picture of invention to the inventor
  • Industrial Revolution – Petal fold on the overcrowding, poverty, pollution in the cities + flap book on the cotton, wood, sugar and coal required
  • American Indians – Triangle petal booklet about what happened to the Indians + a shutter 4 fold minibook about effects of the settlers on the Indians

…. just to name some …

Give combo notebook + minibook page a try!

Pop over to my History Free Pages for your downloads.


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