Classify Land Animals

What’s an aye-aye, a bilby, a kiang, a pika or wombat?

Land Animals!

We love our Science lessons using Apologia Zoology books!

In preparation for our next book, Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day

I created~

Pictures of all land animals mentioned in the book (isn’t Wikipedia the best?)

Alphabetic list of land animals (use for name search or a game of animal Bingo?)Classification Table with each order on a new page

Some Tips & Ideas ~

  1. Cut and paste each animal on a world map where it naturally is found
  2. Arrange animals in country groups
  3. Cut out and group/ classify all the animals
  4. Paste/ arrange on the classification table
  5. Place animals on a classification tree
  6. Make an animal mobile and hang the animals in groups
  7. Find out the animal’s status – extinct, threatened, commonly found etc.
  8. Play animal bingo with these cards and the animal word list

Some good references ~

Here are your free downloads ~

  1. Pictures ~ Land Animal Pictures
  2. Classification table ~ Table Classification of land animals


21 thoughts on “Classify Land Animals

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  2. Thank you for sharing your files after all the hard work you put into them. They will be a huge help and great resource to help my kids learn as they do Zoology 3. 🙂


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  4. thank you SO much! God led me to your site today and you have already done the work for me- I pray He blesses you greatly in the same way you are blessing other homeschool Moms 🙂


  5. Stumpled across your page looking for a list of land animals for my art class….thanks for the find and I subscribed. Like what I see.


  6. Stumbled across your site today — thank you for sharing your classification charts! Too bad I found it after I made my two students copy my poorly made charts. But from here on out, they’ll have good ones in their folders — thanks to you!


  7. Wonderful!! I’m filing these away since we won’t be doing this book again for a year or so, but these make me look forward to going through it again with my younger children. Thanks!


  8. you are amazing with your ability to get all of these things finished. thank you so much for your resources!! (they came through great this time!)

    blessings to you! < michele


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