Jesus’ Name Strips

Our family celebrate Jesus during the Christmas season.

Every year it is different.

Last year, during Advent, we did  The Jesse Tree.

This year my youngest child

gently laid out our porcelain Nativity Scene.

She added

Jesus’ Names Strips

~ a colourful paper chain.

During Advent we focus on Him.

My free download for you ~

Names of Jesus Strips 2 sets

I created these strips with 2 different font styles.

Simply chose the style you prefer,

put several different coloured papers (we used cheap sugar paper)  in your printer tray,

print the selected pages,

shuffle the strips to create your paper chain.

Staple the paper rings to form your chain.

We studied the names on the strips during our morning devotions.

Blessings as your family celebrate Him,

10 thoughts on “Jesus’ Name Strips

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  3. Wow – when this art idea arrived today I was SO glad. Years ago, our family had a large “Names of Christ” poster hanging in our guest restroom- and it had such a dynamic and powerful feel to it. We ended up giving it away (as the Lord led us to one day) – and we have been meaning to get another one. Anyhow, my point is that there is a very potent and dynamic feel with the names of Jesus – and making a chain link with the name strips is just brilliant!
    Our art class is getting ready to study pattern this coming week and this lesson idea came at the perfect time (with it being the last class before Christmas). However, we may print the names out on plain card-stock and then use some watercolor paint to paint designs and color washes over the strips. I also may place some of the strips (pre cut) out at the collage station to see what students think of doing – I will be in touch if they add some clever ideas worth sharing.
    Either way, I am looking forward to making a chain-link pattern with the potent names of Jesus – may it enrich our spirits as we read each one – and may it bring Him glory as we celebrate the many names and roles of Jesus. (Comforter and Counselor are two of my favorites)
    Take care, Yvette


  4. You always have such cute ideas. I have also done the Jesse tree and the Advent Calendar. We put little verses and mementos inside an Advent Calendar and then made ornaments for the Jesse Tree. I found this website that was giving away a free download too for the Jesse tree: I downloaded and we will hopefully do this next year. I might make the ornaments this year so they are ready for next year!

    I have so much going on lately so I’m sad that I can’t do more with the kids this year. I’m going to bookmark this though for next year. Thanks for all your creativity!


    • @Michelle, printcandee’s Jesse Tree designs are stunning!
      I really encourage you to rest and trust God (in this busy season) for His Peace, Provision and Protection. Blessings!


  5. Nadine,
    These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong….the download font is very spaced out and not consistent. Is there something I can adjust on my end?

    Thank you again!

    Merry Christmas!


    • @Trisha, um … the pdf seems fine. Perhaps try adjust your printer settings – look under “properties/ advanced/ options” and look for “Fit to page/ shrink to fit” as perhaps the margins are set too narrow. If you still have difficulties, please contact me and I’ll email you the word doc. 🙂


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