Closure and Review of our Year

We have officially closed our 2011 academic year.

No more ‘formal’ school until January 2012.

Notebook pages are filed.

Books are sorted.

Wall charts are packed away.

Our crowded timeline pictures have been taken off.

We smile as we review the year’s work.

I love to have closure at the end of the year.

We are encouraged to see how much we covered.

I am amazed at the thick files full of my children’s unique notebook pages!  Every page is one-of-its-kind.  Each child wrote their own narrations and illustrated what they understood from the information studied.  The narration process is quite remarkable. I am truly pleased to see how each child matured during the year.

I smile at my children’s enjoyment as they review their own notes and lapbooks.  They are proud of their achievements.  This is such a good way to end the year.

I make my own (mental) notes.  What worked well?  What did we spend too little/ too much time on?  What methods (notebooks/ timelines/ minibooks/ hands-on projects/ lapbooks) were the most effective?

What did we miss?  Does it matter?  Do I go on?  Do I skip it?

But homeschooling is not about learning information.

Subject matter missed now does not matter.

My kids can catch up any time.

I purpose to train character.

Real education is ongoing …

This year I re-used my Sonlight curriculums.  It has been a good “fit” and this time round I stretched it out to fully enjoy everything.

Next year I plan to re-use my South African literature-based History curriculums.

My 9-year-old starts middle school with Footprints on our Land.  My 12-year-old starts Junior High using Footprints Into 21st Century and my eldest continues on to Grade 11 with Delta Education.

For the first time since my early years of homeschooling, each child will be on their own core/ curriculum.  And each child enters a new phase in schooling.

This will be stressful – especially for me.

Each child will need my help to settle in to a new approach.

We will all need grace.

Right now I am grateful for time to





How do you wind up your 2011?


8 thoughts on “Closure and Review of our Year

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  4. We’re exactly there too, with our work for 2011 all put away and taking a much need breather to refresh and regroup for 2012.
    (My dd & I just love looking at the notebook pages your family create – your children’s work is inspiring that child to be more diligent in completing her own notebook pages 🙂 )


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