Is it b or d? New Posters for b/d Reversal

Aren’t these posters gorgeous?

They so clearly show the difference between b and d.

Here is your free download ~ bed or deb posters

Mari Saaiman created these lovely graphics.

You can see my other posts with Games for b/d reversal and letter confusion and some gentle encouragement when there are problems.


14 thoughts on “Is it b or d? New Posters for b/d Reversal

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  2. This is brilliant!
    I have a young class, whom I think this will benefit heaps. Thank you for creating such a funny poster!


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  4. As an extra aid, my girls also use their fists – hold fingers of fists together, with thumbs up in the air to look like a bed.

    I quite often see them do one fist or other before they write a word just to double-check! It’s a useful system for them.


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