Kinesthetic Learners Activity Posters

In my last post  Kids that Wiggle 30+ Tips, I created a set of posters which I would love to share with you ~

You can use these posters as reminders for yourself when planning lessons and looking for different options, or display them in your schoolroom so that your children can select an activity they would prefer.  I have included the all my ideas and suggested tips and strategies from my post in this download.

Here is your free download ~ Kinesthetic Learners Activity Posters

 Blessings, Nadene
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Inspiring Words

Here is your free download ~ Always tell the truth

May these words inspire.


Free Poster to Inspire ~ Believe God’s Promises

A simple poster

with powerful words

… how to …

You are welcome to download it ~ Believe God’s Promises Poster


Free Poster to Inspire ~ 8 Words You May Need Today

I recently read this precious post  at Sacred Mundane by Kari Patterson ~

“Seven words you may need today”

Her encouragement is so true,

and yet these words are so hard to say …

but we need to say them.

I created this poster to inspire my family ~

You are welcome to download it ~ 8 words you may need today


Free Poster to Inspire ~ Put on tender mercies…

This year I am memorizing Colossians.

Following Ann Voskamp’s schedule, I am in Chapter 3.

When I came to verses 12 – 14, I wrote out the words (to help my memorizing) and thought these words would make a lovely poster.

Something for my family to put in their hearts too …

You are welcome to download it ~ put on tender mercies.


Is it b or d? New Posters for b/d Reversal

Aren’t these posters gorgeous?

They so clearly show the difference between b and d.

Here is your free download ~ bed or deb posters

Mari Saaiman created these lovely graphics.

You can see my other posts with Games for b/d reversal and letter confusion and some gentle encouragement when there are problems.


Henri Toulouse-Lautrec Posters ~ Appreciation Lesson Ideas

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec’s posters are famous and epitomize the Post Impressionist style.

As a start our study of Toulouse-Lautrec, an Impressionist painter, we read his biography and wrote a short biography on our Famous Impressionist Artists Biography pages.

(Just a note, parents should carefully select and sensitively discuss Lautrec’s life and works with their children as his personal life and his interest in the  lives of the people of the circus and cabaret halls could be offensive or disturbing.) gives a clear written biography and a very interesting (but please pre-view) 5 minute video of Toulouse-Lautrec’s life.  Most the posters are on one page with clear thumbnails of Toulouse-Lautrec art.

I printed the Toulouse-Lautrec minibook from my Famous Impressionist Artist Lapbook.  We have been combining our notebook and minibook pages instead of making a lapbook. (The girls paste their minibook on their biography page.)

We viewed all his posters on

We discussed the lines, shapes, colours and style Toulouse-Lautrec used in his posters. (Compare these at a later stage with his paintings.)

I asked the children to take note of the balance between the writing and the pictures.

We discussed important facts about poster’s writing ~

  • Printing must be clear, bold, easy to read.
  • Simple message with just a few important words.
  • People read words at the top of the poster before the words below the pictures.
  • Words painted in all UPPER case are bolder and make more impression than lower case letters.
  • Simple style curls or italics give an artistic feel to the writing.

Here are UPPER case and lower case letter pages ~

Poster Letters Upper Case

Poster Letters Lower Case

I printed the posters in postcard size.

I traced them and created a simple outline.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Toulouse-Lautrec painted in flat, simple areas of colour.  This makes the posters very simple to copy.

The kids chose their poster to colour.

You can enlarge the poster to full-page if the postcard size is too small.  My kids liked them smaller than our normal art pages and could paint several posters. (I will upload their completed posters once they have coloured them.)

Here is Toulouse-Lautrec posters, prints, my outlines and poster letter pages for you to download.  (It has 17 pages so it may take a while to open.)  Click the title below:

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Posters