Geography ~ Learn About Hemispheres Minibook

My children are studying hemispheres and lines of longitude and latitude in Geography at the moment.

We revised our Lines of Longitude and Latitude with the fun Geography game “Simon Says”.

We watched this YouTube video on Lines of Longitude and Latitude

I created this fun minibook for them ~

The minibook has several circle pages that we stuck to the top or bottom or sides so they could open to show the different lines of longitude or latitude.

You can download this minibook here ~ Hemispheres

Each page has labels and/or pictures ~

  • Page 1:   A globe cut across the Equator to show Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • The children draw the major lines of Latitude on this page.

    They cut the page so it opens up and down.

    We attached the top and bottom halves to the base circle.

    (The base circle page is a blank circle with the North and South Poles).

  • Page 2:    Globe with the line of Longitude – Greenwich Meridian cut open to show East and West Hemispheres.
  • This page is split vertically so it opens to each side.

    We attached each side to the left and right sides of the base circle.

    The children cut and pasted the relevant labels.

    The Greenwich Meridan line shows O°and measures co-ordinates for E or W/ day and night/

  • Page 3:     Globe with all the major lines of Latitude: Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circles.
  • This page is not cut to open, so we attached the circle page to the top of the booklet.

    The children enjoyed drawing in jungles in the torrid zone and tropical islands in the temperate zones.

    Discuss different climates, seasons and vegetation.

    Look at pictures of Equatorial jungles.

    Look at Kiribati chain of coral islands that has land in all 4 hemispheres here.

    • Page 4:    Final page showing Arctic and Antarctic Circles.

    The children correctly place the labels and pictures.

    Look at pictures and animals from the Frigid Zones.

    We used all these links for this Unit Study:

    I am using Intelligo Unit Studies for our Geography course.

    World Atlas – Hemispheres

    How to Teach Latitude and Longitude

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    9. I really love this idea but I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to put this together. I am not sure if one layer goes ontop of the other with the northern and southern hemispheres on the bottom. Or do they get attached around the base circle. Thanks for your help,


      • @Angie, we used cellotape to stick the pages on top of each other. If the pages open up to the top and bottom, tape them at the top and bottom.Likewise, if they open to the sides, tape them on each side. Full pages just tape to the top of the globe. Your children can decide what order they want to paste the pages. Hope you all enjoy the download!


    10. What a cute idea for learning about hemispheres. I’d love to try this with my own third grade class. Thanks for sharing.

      Grade 3 teacher
      owner of


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