Nativity Play updated

Back in 2012, my daughter Lara and I created a Nativity puppet show. This year I have updated it to share with you as a wonderful family activity for the festive season.

We created rod & wire puppets, but simple hand puppets would work just as well. There are animals, props and backdrops patterns, templates, instructions and suggestions. The script is written in rhyming couplets so that it is easier for young children to memorize. A parent or older child who is good at reading aloud acts as narrator.

This free download includes:

  • Welcome to this Nativity Play
  • How to perform using your puppets
  • Some simple hand puppet tips and ideas
  • Animals
  • Props
  • Stage setup
  • How to make your puppets
  • Ideas for backdrops
  • Scene 1:  Outside a stable
  • Scene 2: Outside night time on a hill
  • Scene 3:   In King Herod’s Palace
  • Scene 4:   In the Stable

Our hand puppets have been enormously popular and have lasted for years!

We recycled them for other plays such as our Esther Play for Purim.

You can read about all our other puppets here – Narrations 103 -Puppets

Here is your free download ~

Enjoy and be blessed!


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