Nativity Puppet Play

My youngest daughter enjoys telling stories.

She loves plays.

As she’s alone at home with me for 2 weeks while her older sisters are away,

I thought how best to channel her creativity and dramatic flair …

… A Nativity Puppet Show!

We took out our faithful hand puppets (from our Esther play)

and changed them to rod and wire puppets.

(This was so that we could quickly swap puppets,

and hold more than 1 puppet in each hand,

and prop a ‘quiet’ puppet up on stage while working with others.)

We sat at the laptop with our Bibles and created a short Nativity play.

It has 4 simple scenes.

A narrator (usually mom or older sibling) does most the “speaking”

while the characters each say a few lines.

It rhymes for easier memorization (and for fun!)

We listed all the extra things we needed to make:

My daughter painted the large backdrops ~

We painted these the large paintings on the whiteboard paper.

We use the white board behind us for our backdrop.

Then she sewed some felt animals by hand and on the machine – all by herself!

She created a few props.

She had fun.

We spent delightful days creating together.

I sewed the wire rod into the hand of each puppet.

We practiced with out puppets in front of a mirror.

We learnt how to make the puppet seem real when speaking ~

turning its head, using its hand.

And we learnt our lines.

Then we practiced with the props and changing backdrops.

Here is my free pdf download for you ~

Nativity Play

Included in this download are ~

  • The script
  • Background designs
  • Puppet pattern
  • Props patterns
  • Stage layout
  • Tips and suggestions

Celebrate Nativity with your children

and adapt this to suit your own needs.

Your children can make simple finger puppets, or shadow puppets.