Practical Tip Book of Centuries for mom and kids

Here’s this week’s practical tip ~

Book of Centuries

A Charlotte Mason education includes a Book of Centuries.  Following Ms Mason’s approach, children enter records, illustrate and write brief notes and mark dates of famous people, events, wars, eras, inventions and significant breakthroughs in their Book of Centuries as they study.

For a young child, a visual timeline  chart or line along a wall or around a room is best.  It gives a child a bird’s-eye view of events in time; with Biblical and ancient history starting way back, with modern and current dates stretching out.  My young kids loved pasting the pictures on our timeline that went all around our room!  Finding the right date and placing for the picture on the timeline was an excellent introduction activity to a lesson or theme. enjoy their own book or notebook version.    Older children enjoy adding their own notes and illustrations or clip art.  Allow your children freedom to express their thoughts and details in their own, personal way.  Some kids prefer pasting clip art and drawing pictures, while others like to write lists.  I often provided a detailed timeline for specific themes, like World War ll, for example, which can be folded and pasted onto the relevant BOC page.  Over the years, their books fill up and become a wonderful reflection of the history they have studied.  This activity is an excellent conclusion to a theme or topic.

I wrote a post on how you can make you own very cheap, frugal Book Of Centuries using a store-bought notebook, or convert a spiral bound book into a BOC. This post includes the spacing and page layout suggestions.

I wrote about my joy of using a Book of Century as a mother’s record of work and I still love browsing through my BOC and delight in the scope and richness of the education we have journeyed through these 19+ years.  (In response to @Leanne’s comment about not having kept her own records in her BOC, I wrote, “@Leanne, If this is an idea you enjoy, just go ahead and do it! I “caught up” my BOC in one afternoon a few years ago! I simply took each History Core book we had studied and wrote in all the events, wars and famous people studied. The next day I took my Art Era Timelime and cut it up and pasted all the thumbnail-sized pictures in the main art eras, included all the famous art works and artists, and my BOC was instantly filled with color and info! In fact, if this is something your kids have let slide, it makes a good recap and overview activity which they might also enjoy!)

Here are some links and free Book Of Centuries downloads:

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5 thoughts on “Practical Tip Book of Centuries for mom and kids

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  2. Hi there! I’m excited to start my own book of centuries for now (a record of our homeschool journey!), and plan to help my kids start them in a few years. Any chance you could update your printable to include a few more decades? I can’t believe it’s already 2019 and the last year in your printable. (Which, thank you for putting together! It looks fabulous & I can’t wait to start!)


    • @Rebekah Schloemann, Gosh it is hard to imagine that I created this download in 2013 and the 2010 – 2019 Century pages are already reaching the end! There are 2 blank header pages which you could use, but I have updated the download with 2020 – 2029 and it is uploaded on the blog post. Enjoy!


  3. Thank you Nadine, for this lovely idea!

    I have been thinking of making a timeline, but did not know how to go about it… I do not have enough wall space for the wall-timeline, but I bought a pile of hardcover exercise books on sale today, so guess what we will be doing tomorrow!!!

    Thanks again for this very helpful idea!

    Kind regards Liselet

    On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 3:01 AM, Practical Pages wrote:

    > Nadene posted: “Here’s this week’s practical tip ~ A Charlotte Mason > education includes a Book of Centuries. Following Ms Mason’s approach, > children enter records, illustrate and write brief notes and mark dates of > famous people, events, wars, eras, inventions an” >


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