Chair Bags

Here’s this week’s practical tip ~

chair bagsChair bags are common in junior primary school rooms, but make perfect, practical sense in the homeschool environment.

  • They hold a variety of things right at hand.
  • Children do not have to get up and look for something, preventing delays, distractions and dawdling and wasting time.
  • It easy for kids to pack away their things and clear the table at the end of their school time.    This helps where schooling is done at a kitchen or dining table where the space is needed for more than one activity.
  • Sew broad elastic tabs to tie chair bags that don’t fit over our curved dining chairs.  I found that the elastic tabs lasted longer than fabric tabs and fitted a variety of chair styles.
  • When we travelled for 18 months while homeschooling, we packed each child’s basic essentials in their chair bags, and simply took them out our school suitcase and hung them on whichever chairs we used in our new “home”, making transitions quick and effortless.
  • Each child had their own colored chair bag, making it easy to keep track of their own things.
  • Keeping things  in chair bags keeps things off the table and floor, creating more work space.

Some cons ~

  • Small items can get “lost” in the big pocket.  Make sure your chair bag has a smaller pocket.
  • Heavy chair bags can cause the chair to fall over backwards.  Keep the most essential items in the bag and hold larger, heavier items in a basket nearby.

Hope that this practical tip helps in your homeschooling.

Blessings, Nadene


6 thoughts on “Chair Bags

  1. What an brilliant idea! The pile with each child things have been an eyesore on our dining room table for a while now. Can’t wait to solve that now! Thanks for sharing.


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