Good Work = Green Pen

Positive, specific praise is such a motivator.

When teaching handwriting I used to ask my kiddies to do their very best and, at the end of the handwriting session, to circle their best letter or word.  They always found the best, on their own , and I merely confirmed it.

green penHere’s an excellent article on Bright Side where they describe the effect of using a green pen to highlight the child’s best work, rather than use a red pen to mark their mistakes, and how this leads to a child’s happiness.

Focus on your child’s best.  Be specific.  Integrate this approach in all areas of schooling and parenting.  Positive comments such as, “You made your bed so neatly,” or “I love the way you packed away all your toys in their boxes,” or “Gosh, you washed these glasses so well!” will make your children (and this applies to others too) feel that their efforts are  noticed and appreciated.  They love it and it motivates them to keep doing their best.

This is especially important when a child struggles and is despondent.  Find just something positive and focus on that.

Blessings, Nadene

2 thoughts on “Good Work = Green Pen

  1. When I taught K4 in a Christian school many years ago, I would do something similar–circle the exceptional marking, sometimes put smiley faces by them, or even write out “Good Job!” or other encouragements. I love the idea of using a different colored pen for this. I’m not sure my supervisor at the time would have agreed to anything other than red however. But as I now homeschool–the sky is the limit. My daughter loves anything sparkly, and my son green or blue! Thank you for the reminder of what I once did so long ago–and it worked wonders!


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