Timing myself!

Revisiting a post written several years ago …

Before we started our Lucerne Tree business, before I joined Facebook … before our having to discipline our teenage daughters’ computer and cell phone times …

I  wonder just how quickly the boundaries shift or “vanish”  …  and realize, again, that my habits set the tone for the family, and set an example for my children.

Just after we started our homeschooling, I re-evaluated my schedule. I realized that things were not in balance. I went to pray.  The Lord really convicted me about my time spent on my computer.20151210_180918

I realized that I spent hours at my laptop every day. I love to read, and research, create and write. I love to read new posts on my favourite blogs. I love to receive emails and write and encourage others.

Isn’t this my “ministry” while I live on a farm so remote and far from everyone?

But I spend too much time here everyday.

So, I committed my time to the Lord anew. I took my handy kitchen timer and placed it on my desk. I now limit my computer time to 1 hour for the day. For everything. Emails, posts, writing, reading, creating my own pages, whatever. When that bell rings, I must stop.

Shut down.

Walk away.


My hubby is glad. My children are very glad.

This is right. And I am so grateful that the Lord stirs my conscience and urges me to hear His soft voice. May my use of my time honor Him.


13 thoughts on “Timing myself!

  1. Oh sherbet, this was for me today!! Eeeekkk. I can’t seem to get away from the darn thing. All in the name of researching and planning. But I know in my heart I’m neglecting more important things. Am I hiding away? Maybe. Time to go on my knees I guess. Thanks Nadene, how does one get it all done. Sigh. I really needed this though!! How did you know? ;))


    • @Anne, Oh, please know that this is a lecture to myself and a reminder of a heartfelt decision I made years back … and failed in so terribly! I simply submit my commitment to the Lord again and trust Him to keep my focus and attention on the right things. You’re so right! It is only possible in His grace, through prayer. Blessings!


  2. Bravo! I totally agree! I quit Facebook and my life still goes on. Imagine that? But I have somewhat replaced Facebook with becoming a news junky and that is depressing. So I am going to try your idea of setting a timer too. Pray for me! Thanks for your honesty and transparency. I love your site!


    • @Amy a., Thanks! I only recently joined Facebook and felt utterly invaded with the deluge of notifications and friend suggestions, etc. I almost immediately closed my account! I have made some simple ‘rules’ for myself on Facebook and it now falls into my screen time discipline.


  3. Great post Nadene! Yes Praise the Lord for his grace and for helping us to see things. I also need a timer!!

    God bless you and your family Angie Tester Darwin, Australia

    Sent from my iPhone



    • @Misty aka Elvisgirl, we are currently disciplining our teenage daughter’s time on screen, and it made perfect sense that I discipline myself too. It is tough, though!


  4. Dear Nadene

    Thanks for your encouraging e-mails, always so timely and your topics on park! Thank you for being REAL. May the Lord bless you during that daily allowance of one hour’s computer time: so that you will be able to know what is important and urgent and what to rather not tackle that day; so that you will find that you get to do so much more than you used to do within an hour.

    You are a blessing to me.



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