Summer Art ~ Mondrian

Barb’s Summer Art plans for this week’s Sketch Tuesday covers ~



His art is so utterly ‘simple’!  Simple black vertical and horizontal lines and red, blue and yellow blocks of color.

Even very young kids can do this!  Here is a very simple YouTube video lesson.


But if you read the evolution of Mondrian’s art, you’ll understand how his abstraction developed.


The Summer Art focus art piece “Broadway Boogie Woogie” is a very interesting artwork to discuss:


  • No black lines
  • Balance of white space
  • Lines of color interspersed with color
  • Does this look like an aerial image of Broadway?
  • Do the little blocks of color remind you of the neon lights of Broadway?

So, maybe because his art is so simple, so easy to copy, it is no wonder that designers use Mondrian’s art style in countless objects, clothes and architecture!

Maybe high schoolers could paint some sneakers, or a T-shirt, or design a piece of furniture, or decorate and fire ceramics in Mondrian-style?

Here’s our Mondrian art:

Mondrian 001

Mondrian 002

I encourage you to join you child and do a Mondrian-inspired art work today!


2 thoughts on “Summer Art ~ Mondrian

  1. We painted a little over the weekend on small canvases. *smile* I asked our two growing blessings what they wanted and if they wanted to section off any of their canvass and what color they wanted where. In this we used number post-it things on one of our sons’ pictures. He wanted the seven orange (planes movie anyone?*smile*) so he had to first paint the entire canvas orange, let that dry then put the seven on that, then paint he chose white around that, let it dry and peel the seven off. It turned out really neat. Our daughter wanted a two tone canvas so she has a straight line down the, close to, middle with pink on one side and purple on the other. *smile* It was fun to have all the paints and brushes out over the weekend. *smile* Thank you Nadene, it’s fun to craft and you help me remember to make time for messes. *big smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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