Timing myself!

Just after we started our homeschooling, I re-evaluated my schedule. I realized that things were not in balance. I went to pray.  The Lord really convicted me about my time spent on my computer.

I realized that I spent hours at my laptop every day. I love to read, and research, create and write. I love to read new posts on my favourite blogs. I love to receive emails and write and encourage others.

Isn’t this my “ministry” while I live on a farm so remote and far from everyone?

But I spend too much time here everyday.

So, I committed my time to the Lord anew. I took my handy kitchen timer and placed it on my desk. I now limit my computer time to 1 hour for the day. For everything. Emails, posts, writing, reading, creating my own pages, whatever. When that bell rings, I must stop.

Shut down.

Walk away.


My hubby is glad. My children are very glad.

This is right. And I am so grateful that the Lord stirs my conscience and urges me to hear His soft voice. May my use of my time honor Him.


22 thoughts on “Timing myself!

  1. I think almost everyone I know has made this a New Years resolution of sorts! I think we all come down so hard on ourselves at the beginning of the year, because December is such an off month, that we do end up online more.

    I’ve been limiting my time a lot, as well. I don’t really like the idea of the timer for the whole day though, just because it would feel too legalistic for my personality. I’ve had to space my time out better. Like, instead of trying to catch up with everything online in the morning time, which would end up stretching out too long, I catch up in 10 minutes or so increments when I’m taking a break from errands, housework, play, etc. Which means, I usually only catch one blog or so in a sitting. But I’m enjoying it a lot better that way.


    • I am encouraged by everyone’s confirmation. And @Jessica, I love your approach, but I’ve tried your way, but I lose track of time and my laptop and I get entangled … it sort of creeps up on me! I think I’m “grounded” as @TJ described! 🙂


      • I think I would have this worry that if my hour was already up and I needed to “check” something real quick after the kids went to bed (lets make our hypothetical important, like the bank account) I would be like, “Welp, I can’t. I’m out of minutes.” Lol!


  2. Wow – do I relate to this. And how timely! I spent almost all day yesterday working on posts for a new spiritual growth blog.

    So tomorrow I’ll start a little spiritual discipline! Just as you have described!


  3. A few years ago I did the same thing… sort of. I ‘grounded myself’ from the computer until after 6 PM. It was funny to see my friend’s faces when I told them I hadn’t gotten their email yet… because I had grounded myself until 6 PM 🙂


  4. Nadene, ek het dieselfde oortuiging van die Here gehad aan die begin van die jaar dat ek minder tyd op die rekenaar moet spandeer. Ek moes myself doelbewus inperk en ook vroeg gaan slaap in die aand. Verlede jaar was ek altyd moeg van te veel lees op die rekenaar tot laat in die aand.


  5. Wow!! I am struggling with the same thing. I have been trying to figure out what the right balance is. 1 hour seems like a decent amount of time. Setting the timer is agreat idea too, I get distracted or really into something and notice my time flying by. Thanks for the post.


  6. Nadene, thanks so much for sharing this… Ive been convicted as well, but it has been hard to discipline myself. I will try your approach I think it will help me since I tried to do it as you did before and it doesnt work with me… thanks for sharing your heart and love for our Lord!


  7. Love it Nadene!! This is exactly what I spoke on at my Jan. MOPS meeting. inspired by two posts at Holy Experience. It spoke to the hearts of us MOPS! Seems like God is stirring something among us women!!


  8. Seems like the computer is a wonderful tool that can quickly become an idol of sorts. I admire your commitment, just as long as you keep up the good posts. 🙂


  9. Nadene,

    I needed this. I just wish I had the self-discipline. I need to do it! I HAVE to do it. My husband and children shows it…. Frustration levels is high. Ah, please pray with me for a motivation and a ability to keep to it!!


  10. I too struggle with spending too much time with the computer, some days it seems my life revolves around the thing and the day is gone before I even realize! Starting the timer now!! Great idea!! 🙂


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