World War II Notebook Pages, Maps, Timelines & Online Resources

An Observer Corps Spotter on a rooftop in London.

World War II

As with our WWI studies, I wanted to present a brief overview to World War II events, rather than to do a detailed study.  I felt that if any topic raised someone’s particular interest, we would delve into it a little deeper.

Most my children’s existing knowledge of World War II has come through movies.  As a family, we had watched a few WWII classic movies, such as the BBC’s  The Battle of Britain and The Great Escape and the modern release of Pearl Harbor.

I find that holocaust movies can be deeply disturbing.  We selectively guide our children’s viewing of these films.  We watched The Diary of Anne Frank  and The Boy with Striped Pyjamas.

For our History studies, I wanted to create a type of “skeleton” or framework on which they can attach all their existing and new knowledge.

Timeline activities and map work seemed the best method to use.

I spent several hours researching for online resources and there is a stack out there!

I use OneNote for all my web research and notebook preparation.  I simply copy and paste anything I find on the internet on One New Side Note.

What is wonderful about this Microsoft tool (part of the Office package) is that ~

1. it saves everything for you automatically automatically places the url hyperlink under the clip when you copy and paste a picture, quote, table or whatever.  I use these hyperlinks to go back to the original website or use these references to complete my lapbook organizer or bibliography with one click!

3. you can easily organize your notebooks, filing and creating sections, tabs and new notebooks as you go, or afterwards

Recommended Websites on World War Two:

For the best overviews:

History Animated

A brilliant website with animated maps, timelines and original audio recording, radio broadcasts and famous speeches.  Highly recommended!  Go here to view WWII in Europe and Africa with an outstanding animation of the Battle of Britian.  They also cover the entire WWII Pacific wars and include animated maps with audio of the Japanese Onslaught, America Fights Back and battles on various islands in the Pacific.

History on the Net

They have an excellent site with photos, timelines and free printable notes.  They also include some online word searches and quizzes.

Work online on the excellent interactive map of WWII with more notes on the side.  (Excellent visual presentation)

History Of War Online

Here are stacks of links to maps, photos, documents, stories and even recordings of the war.

(I love audio recordings – great for auditory learners and learning with busy hands!)

BBC – History: World War II

With expandable index and excellent notes.



World Leaders & Famous Speeches:

Audio recordings of soldiers, civilians and survivors:

Main battles and events:

Pearl Harbor: An excellent animated map of the attack at Pearl Harbor with audio and full click details on the images on the map. Pop back to my New Pearl Harbor Lapbook post

Free WWII Notebook Pages:

(Click the title for your free download)

These come in 3 different layouts.  We combine our minibooks and notebook pages.

I created a concertina-folded timeline to paste into our Book of Centuries.  This way the war “unfolds” 🙂 for the child  and gives them a bird’s-eye view.  This 9 page download comes with detailed timeline notes that the child can use to write their own time line events.

Children colour in the different countries according to whether they are Axis, Allies, Neutral and Occupied Territories on a world map.  Coloured map of Europe during the war is also included.



16 thoughts on “World War II Notebook Pages, Maps, Timelines & Online Resources

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing this material!! You have really set up some great resources!! Thanks for being generous to other homeschool families. 🙂


  4. Two Holocaust films that have as much violence as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas are Life is Beautiful and Edges of the Lord. (Note: All three were made by Miramax) Life is Beautiful is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Although Edges of the Lord is rated R, I believe if it was released today it would get a PG-13 – it has nothing worse than Pearl Harbor.


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    • @Wendy, Wow! What a wonderful resource Jessica has created here! I’m sure many others will also be grateful for her sharing all her hard work, notes and research with us. I’ll link her blog to my resources on my sidebar.
      Blessings, Nadene


  6. Wow thank you so much, I was looking for less “formal” information on the World Wars and your links AND advise about gathering information by copying and pasting into onenote was really helpful. Thanks again 🙂 I am at the moment creating a site on World War 2 for an assignment 🙂


  7. Thank you for all of this hard work! I have saved this post to my Ever Note (similar to MS OneNote) folder on World History – Modern. I really appreciate the web links too. I would love to know sometime how you handle online reading for your learners, and if you’ve found it different by age. I find that my dd10 doesn’t always absorb material the same way as when reading a book in hand – not sure why.


    • @Saraspondence, you’re right – online reading does not “work” for everyone. I, too, prefer printed paper. Most the references listed here are for my research; to make notes and find pictures, but the kids really enjoyed the interactive maps. My youngest sits on my lap, the other squeezed in next to us and we chat as we view the web pages. Then we go back to our table and write and narrate, colour maps and fill in timelines.
      My eldest (nearly 17) does all her research and presentations on the computer. I think maturity and learning styles lend to online reading. 🙂


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