World War I Minibooks and Notebook Pages

One-page minibooks are my favourite minibooks because you can tell a whole story on one page. With just 3 folds and a snip, and refolded, it becomes an 8 page booklet filled with info.

(Have you downloaded my one-page minibook templates yet?)

I created several minibooks and notebook pages for our study of

World War I

The first minibook covers the most important events of the war which I adapted from this excellent online animated book of WWI.

The second minibook is about WWI warfare, including trenches, guns, tanks, airships and airplanes.

I made a vocabulary and definitions minibook and created a crossword, word search and match words worksheets to reinforce the new vocabulary. I love the simple worksheet maker at PuzzleFast Instant Puzzle Maker.   You just types the words and their meanings, and you can select whichever game you want and it creates it for you in a jiffy!  Using the same imput you can select several puzzles at a click.

I made World War I notebook pages in 3 variations.  We combine our minibooks and notebook pages.

We concluded our study by writing in all the main events and dates on our Book of Centuries.

You can download your WWI pages here:



12 thoughts on “World War I Minibooks and Notebook Pages

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  3. thank you so much. it is acts of kindness, like you allowing people to use your resource, that make the world a positive and strong place to belong to. blessings to you
    cheryl x


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  6. How many weeks did you spend studying WWI? Also, are you studying history chronologically?
    We are just starting our CM education in 5th grade, and are back at the beginning of time- the Ancients. However, my son has been mentioning WWI lately. He is fascinated by wars. Maybe I should encourage him to study that out on his own even though, we are not there as a family currently?


    • @Angie, we’re following Sonlight‘s Condensed American History (Core 3 & 4) chronologically, but we take our time where there is an interest and use the schedule as our guideline. My girls have covered some of these themes before in Sonlight’s World History and so we only lingered here about 1 week.
      I encourage you to let your son follow his interest in WWI. Let him read, discover and absorb what is available and suitable for his age as his own delight-led activity.


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