Paper Toys Model for Busy Hands

You all know that I love to have my kids to draw,


colour in,

build with Lego,

create dioramas,

sew or embroider,

cut and fold minibooks,

make and build models while I read aloud!

I downloaded these free 3D paper models from Paper  for our American History:

These models are easy enough for little hands to cut and assemble and detailed enough to satisfy older children in the realistic phase.  Really quick and easy!

And, then, what to do with these 3D works?

When we completed this topic in our History, we simply cut our 3 dimensional structures open, remove sections and squash them flat and paste them on one of the relevant notebook pages and file them.

(If your child cannot bear to do this, just take a photo of the model, print it out and paste this on the notebook page. And then you need to try find a safe place to store the paper model!)

Remember all young children learn best ~

  • 3D before 2D (make things then draw or write about it)
  • large before small (create life-size before scaling to fit a page)
  • kinesthetic before static (move and actively learn before sitting writing)

Also, variety adds spice to learning!  Keeping it fun!



4 thoughts on “Paper Toys Model for Busy Hands

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