American History Notebook Pages leading up to Independence

George Washington during the French and Indian...

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We are studying the famous events, people and times in America leading up to Independence.

As I shared before, I created some basic lined notebook pages which I have printed and ready for any lesson (see the notebook page with 3 boxes.)  Then I created a specific minibook and with some extra clip art or illustrations for each chapter of our History core.

My children cut and paste the title box, minibook and illustrations on to their notebook page while I read and then they write their narrations.

I am really happy to report that my youngest (nearly 9 years old) is writing more and more of her own narrations.  She sometimes asks me how to spell some words, and I often write a few key words on her white board, but I don’t worry about her spelling or grammar ~ I just want her to capture her thoughts on paper!  It is wonderful to wean her gently from dictating her narration while I write them for her!

For these notebook pages I made a lined page with one box in 3 different layouts. The rectangle box is larger than the little squares on the other notebook page for a bigger minibook.  Although I made a three-fold minibook template, I let the children chose how to fold and use it.  They can even cut off the one side and make a simple fold minibook.  I am quite amazed how different each child’s notebook page looks once they have arranged the pictures and minibooks!

Of course, you could download all these minibook pages and create your own lapbook!

Title box, minibook and picture frame

You are welcome to download these pages  ~Just click the title! 🙂

Hope that you and your children enjoy these pages as much as we did!  Pop over to my other history notebook pages for more free downloads!  Enjoy!


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  6. Nadene – I get so excited when I see an email from you. It’s like getting a surprise gift! Thank you for all that you are so gracious to share. Dana


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