Sonlight and a Lego Ziggurat?

Ziggarat and surrounding town

Ziggarat and surrounding town

With Sonlight World History we have learnt about other civilizations and a model can make the scene “come alive”!

Here’s a model city with a ziggarat temple built out of Lego!  (Behind Kitkat’s elbow is her 6-year-old sister’s small ziggurat)

Lego is a wonderful way to make a quick 3D model, and it doesn’t take long to build!

I found that cardboard models are much more work – colouring, cutting and then pasting – and what to do with the creation afterwards?  Wherever we can, I photograph models and we paste the picture under the narration.

3D is more ‘real’ than an ordinary picture, but there are other methods of creating this effect:

  • Peek show – inside a shoebox with layout that, when viewed through a tiny hole in the side, looks real
  • Layer pictures – several copies of the object cut out from the background and pasted on foam squares in layers
  • Pop-up cards – some easy ways of creating a 3D effect when the card is opened

There are many more great ideas, but with young children, let the scene come alive – build models!

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