Art ~ We do it because we love it!

We were quite sad when Barb told us that she closed Sketch Tuesday for the summer.

On  her recommendation, I looked through previous sideshows for themes and topic ideas and jotted some of these on my calendar for the next 3 months.

We have sketched every week. We all love it!

Today my kids asked if anything would go on the internet.  Even though there is no official slideshow, they asked me to post our recent Sketch Tuesday pictures on my blog.

And so here’s our slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I encourage you to regularly do art with your children.  Although Sketch Tuesday is not formal art, I found that it has boosted us when we come to do “real” art.  Sketching a simple observation or idea only takes a half hour (or even less with younger children).   The children readily try new materials and techniques and are quite confident with the art materials we use each week.

So, even though Barb has taken a break (and we trust you are having a wonderful restorative time, Barb! 🙂 ), continue to do simple weekly sketch assignments!


5 thoughts on “Art ~ We do it because we love it!

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  5. Wow! You and your girls are SO artistic!! Beautiful sketches!! I’m hoping to get my children into a little more sketching with our Nature Study program when we officially start school back up in August. I’m not artistic though, so it could be a little challenging. I’ll have to keep my own sketch journal and practice. 🙂

    Again, you and your girls sketches are amazing!


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