Parables of the Kingdom of God Minibook

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Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God as …

a mustard seed

good soil

a pearl or treasure

a lamp filled with oil

an invitation to a banquet

a servant forgiven much

a master’s vineyard

wars, earthquakes and signs

wages and a reward

For Bible narrations of each of these parables, I made my children a one-page minibook.

There is enough space on each page for a quick summary of each parable.

Click the title for your download ~ Parables Kingdom of God

I previously shared about our one-page minibooks!

For one-page minibooks,

you take 1 full-page,

fold it several times,

open and cut on the dotted line/s

and then fold it closed into a 6 or 10 page minibook.

For several different one-page templates ~ click here ~ One Page Minibook Templates


They are excellent minibooks to have handy in a file.

Print out about 10 of each and store them for spontaneous writing, summarizing a theme or topic, writing narrations, making cards and even writing recipes.




One thought on “Parables of the Kingdom of God Minibook

  1. Thank you for this GREAT idea. I keep trying to reinvent the wheel….when, I really should just take our Homeschool ideas and do my Sunday School themese with them. Thank you for reminding me!!!!!


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