Sharing our Sketch Tuesday ~ Something with antenna

This week we had time to sketch for Barb’s Sketch Tuesday

and this week’s topic was …

Sketch Something with an Antenna!

As usual we all felt free to interpret the topic and each of us sketched something really different from each other.  In fact we all moved to different parts of the house;

My youngest child went to the lounge to sketch the TV and the remote control.  She did tell us that the antenna is hidden, but she knows that it is there! 🙂

My 11-year-old sat and sketched her hand and then used our Exploring Creation Zoology I Flying Creatures for inspiration and details for her butterfly.

What really amazed me was that she, all of her own accord, used the right-brain sketching technique my friend taught us to sketch her hand without looking at the paper!  Isn’t her sketch really lovely and detailed?

I asked for the girls’ walkie-talkies and sketched their toy two-way radios.

I felt like doing the sketch in a cartoon-style and outlined the painting.

Once again, we all quickly sketched and painted and really enjoyed ourselves during our afternoon.

Join us for next week’s Sketch Tuesday!


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