Art Era Timeline 4 ~ Modern Art

Here is the 4th Art Era Timeline!

Did you downloaded the earlier  Art Era Timelines?  I f not, please pop over to Art Era Timelines under my Free Pages and download the previous 3 timelines. Due to the size of the files I have broken the timeline into 4 sections.

I have provided a basic definition of each art movement and included the dates and  names of  the founders and the most eminent artists of that movement. Each artist has a thumbnail of their work. I have placed each art movement on a new page for clarity and to aid the study of different eras.

Click here for the 4th Art Era Timeline featuring Modern Art ~ Art Era 4 Timeline Modern

Here is a slide-show sampler:

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These are the Art Movements featured:

One of several versions of the painting

Image via Wikipedia

  • Modernism
  • Expressionism
  • Die Brücke
  • Der Blaue Reiter
  • Die Neue Sachlichkeit
  • Bauhaus
  • Cubism
  • Dada
  • Futurism
  • Neo-Plasticism
  • Surrealism
  • Precisionism
  • Art Deco
  • The Harlem Renaissance
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • Pop Art
  • Op Art
  • Arte Povera
  • Photorealism
  • Minimalism
  • The Sensation Show
  • Folk Art

Some ideas on how to use this timeline:

  • Print it bind it and create an Art Book of Centuries.
  • Add these pages to a student’s own Book of Centuries.
  • Cut and paste the pages side-by-side as a continual art timeline. (It will be huge! :))
  • Cut out and add the artists and their art work thumbnails to a dedicated art timeline or an existing timeline.
  • Cut the artists as cards, laminate them and let children match the artists to the eras.
  • Use the information and write your own artists on your own timeline as you study them.

I downloaded all the information for these timelines from

Have you downloaded all the other Free Famous Artists and Impressionist Artists Pages?

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