Solar System Comics ~ Earth & Mars

The past weeks we studied earth and Mars.  In a wonderful “convergence” our Mars studies coincided with India’s Mangalyaan (also known as MOM Mars Orbiter Mission) and America’s Maven’s arrival in Mars orbit.  We have been following these space missions on BBC News.  Just today India and USA have signed an agreement on future co-operations at Mars. This kind of current affairs has made our Astronomy studies come alive!

As in our previous planet studies, Mercury & Venus, we each created a comic strip.  Here are our Earth and Mars comic strips~

Earth Solar System Comics 003 Earth Solar System Comics 004 Mars Solar System Comics 001 Mars Solar System Comics 002

Here is a free blank comic strip page download ~ Solar System Comic notebooking pages



5 thoughts on “Solar System Comics ~ Earth & Mars

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  4. Nadene,
    This is wonderful. My children both love comic books, and I am just starting the planets with my 6th grade son. I plan on implementing this in our studies. Would you mind giving a brief overview of the way you introduce and study the planets? Do you use a study guide, stand alone books, etc.? I have an A Beka science book that we are using as a guide, but I really want to make it more interesting to study. Just wondering if you after any quick suggestions. Thank you for your site. I enjoy it a great deal!

    Karen H.


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