Put on the full armor

Our spiritual position is

fully dressed

and equipped with the whole armor of God

and to

take our stand …

After reading Ephesians 6:10 I wanted to encourage my daughters to be fully clothed …

and I drew this Medieval Era inspired picture …

How often are we undressed and ill-prepared to face the battles?

We are all called to be fully clothed and ready.

This is not a fight for the soldiers, for men, for the strong and ready…

We are all facing flaming arrows, deceptions, lies, powers and principalities that seek to weaken and over-throw us!

We need to be constanly protected,





“having done all,

to stand!”

You are welcome to download this picture to encourage others ~ Full armor of God

73 thoughts on “Put on the full armor

  1. I’m so glad to see you using your artistic talents for the Lord! I’m writing a kids church curriculum called Identity Kids and would like to include this free drawing in the curriculum. If you would prefer I purchase this and the masculine full armor of God drawing from you (because this curriculum will be for purchase in the USA but free or for lesser cost to 3rd world countries), I would be glad to purchase use of them both. Please let me know what you prefer.
    Blessings to you, fellow soldier!


    • @Maranatha Maneval, thank you for your comment. All my scripture illustrations on my website are available for free for personal use as I want as many people as possible to enjoy them. Several churches and Bible groups have used these illustrations for their ministries at no cost. I requested that my name and link to my website remain on the illustration page of their printouts. I will email you to discuss using my illustrations and your plans to charge for your curriculum. Blessings!


  2. 10 years after you posted this I’m just coming across it after a Google search. LOVE THIS! Our pastor is preaching through the armor of God and I’ve printed this out for myself. I love that you did a woman. I’ve never seen that before. Thank you!!!


    • @Elizabeth Neal, it is always such a joy to hear from readers who have downloaded this illustration. I am delighted that you enjoy my young woman dressed in her armor. Blessings as you study the armor of God.

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  4. Just beautiful – especially for our women’s Bible Study that has women from 62 to 13! I think all of us can see the beauty of God’s word through your art and it will be a good reminder of who we are in Christ. May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands. Thank you for openly sharing it with the rest of the world!


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  6. I printed these quite awhile ago for my grandchildren. When I went to color them, I could only find the boy. I found the picture of the girl “knight” tonight and couldn’t be happier! The illustrations are beautiful and as I think about what they represent, it brings tears to my eyes. We all want our children & grandchildren to be dressed in the best which is God’s armor so they will not fall victim to the wiles of the enemy. I plan on coloring the prints & framing them for my grands. Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you!


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  8. Aloha Nadene all the way from sunny Maui! Just wanted to share that your art is still making a difference even after all this time. I printed your warrior girl as a coloring page for our women’s Bible study and one of our young women was moved to share it (and her testimony!) on social media. Like you, Kylie is an artist and her testimony has already touched many other people including myself. A perfect example of our Creator God Elohim using his “poiema”, his handiwork (You 🙂 to create beautiful things which inspire others to do the same and so on. Awesome, thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.


  9. I was looking for a visual aid to help encourage my daughter and myself to stay equipped for the battles we face daily. I love this! I’ve passed it on to my sister and my mom as well. Thank you so much!


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  11. This is amazing. I just have to colour this and frame it to hang on my wall in the living room. God bless you for sharing your wonderful, God-given gift with us all. Fight the good fight, and keep looking up. Come, Lord Jesus, come!


  12. What a wonderful talent you have! I have searched several times for a suitable illustration to use at my site (Women of Warfare) but have never been satisfied with what I’ve found. This is beautiful. Thank you for your generosity of heart. Thank you for sharing.


  13. Thank you, Nadene! This is a beautiful illustration! I love how you’ve illustrated the humility of this woman in God’s armour.


  14. I’ve been wanting to teach my daughters about the armor of God, and this picture stands apart from everything else out there. It’s not a teddy bear or little boy, it’s a beautiful, strong young lady. My girls were inspired by such a powerful visual. Thank you!


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  16. Thank you so much! I teach a children’s class and I wanted something for the girls when we talk about the armour of God. What a gorgeous picture. Thank you! thank you! Thank you!


  17. Great to have a girl’s version of the armour of God – so many things focus on boys as warriors and girls as princesses – but we’re ALL in a battle (and ALL believers are children of the King, too!)


  18. This illustration is just what I was looking for. My women’s bible study reviewed this passage this week and I can’t wait to share this with them.


  19. Wow! Thank you. I’m planning on coloring it myself, laminating it & turning it into it a placemat for my daughter’s Easter basket this year. Thank you for allowing me to download it.


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  21. Thank you! I found your pictures while searching for armor of God resources for my Wednesday night childrens’ group but the young woman and young man illustrations are so encouraging and beautiful, my husband and are using them for ourselves to remind us to suit up in the full armor of God!!!


  22. Thank you for creating such a lovely picture! (I came via pinterest.) Most “for girls” armor illustrations I’ve seen tend to be boys with pigtails. It’s wonderful to see a strong, feminine interpretation.


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  24. Thank you for providing these beautiful drawings! It’s hard enough to find a decent Armor of God drawing, let alone a strong yet feminine one that girls can relate to. We’ve been talking about the Armor of God in my church’s Sunday School and I printed out a stack of these to give to the kids.

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  28. Thank you so much our scripture this morning was from Ephesians and I love this. Thank you for making homeschooling easier and more spiritual.


  29. Hello. I hope you don’t mind if I use your picture, give it a little color and translate the verses into Spanish. It will help children in myChurch to understand about the armor of God. Thanks a lot…God Bless You


  30. We are using this drawing as well as your other wonderful drawing of the young man with armor for our VBS. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your talent with others! God bless you. (I also Pinned It!)


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  32. Hi there! Wanted to let you know I used your pic on my new blog and created a link to your page from the graphic! It is so awesome and my girls loved seeing a “Girl Knight” and so did I!!


  33. Love this and so do my girls! I think we will print and color one for our baby boy’s room too! I’m having trouble getting it to print the whole picture. The tree and bottom fourth of the picture are cut off… any suggestions?


  34. Wow – I’m always so inspired by your creative approach. What a wonderful representation of Ephesians 6:11-18 for our girls! We memorized this with our Sonlight F this year so this will be a fun reminder and will go in our notebook (after being posted a bit) with the other memory verses. Thanks so much Nadine for your generosity with your talent(s)!


  35. Thank you for this lovely picture. I’ve never seen an illustration of a female dressed for spiritual battle and daily life. I will print this for my 3 young ladies! I pray God’s blessings will be yous today!


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  37. Can’t get to church this morning so we’re doing a home lesson on the armor of God. Thank you for this beautiful representation armor for girls. I will be back to check out your other homeschooling resources. 🙂


  38. Have you heard of Chuck Black’s Knights of the Prince and Kingdom Series books? This reminds me of the Lady Knights in his books, I can’t wait to get Lady Carliss. They were completely out of them at our big homeschool conference last month.


  39. Hi there, I’ve recently joined your blog and I love all the stuff you produce and this is fantastic! Thank you :). I’m printing them out for my girls.


  40. What a fab way to pull out the essence of Bible truth for kids. It’s inspired me to give it a go with mine.
    Thank you.


  41. Thank you so much for this! How inspirational for our daughters (we have 3!) to have a picture depicting a girl as a warrior of God! Love it.


  42. This is lovely! I am going to be teaching about the Armor of God in a couple of weeks in my teen Sunday school class and I know my girls will like this.


  43. Thank you Nadene, this is wonderful! What an encouragement, may I share this with others on my site? I will definately link to your page.



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