Scripture Illustrations – Blessings

 I love to illustrate with scriptures verses.

My illustrations of a Young Woman in Armor and Young Man in Armor are the most often requested illustrations and they have been reproduced for church camps, printed on T-shirts and even translated into Spanish and made into posters!

But my scripture illustrations began years ago and were published on the front page of our monthly church magazines. These were mostly simple verses that inspired stylized illustrations.

Recently, when I searched through my “sentimental” box I came across my stash of scripture illustrations and thought I would love to share them here on Practical Pages!

So, here’s the first one ~

Based on the blessings of the Lord found in Deuteronomy 28: 1-15, I combined the Feasts of Israel with the Messianic meaning.

Scripture Illustrations 001

I commissioned my professional artist sister, Melissa, to paint a large canvas version.  This painting is about 2.5m by 1.8m and fills the main wall in our dining room.


It is stunning!

Rich, colorful and full of meaning.

Here is your free Scripture Illustration ~

Deut 28 Blessings of the Lord


10 thoughts on “Scripture Illustrations – Blessings

  1. I only recently discovered your beautiful illustrations of the Armour of God. I printed one for my granddaughters and my grandson which I plan to color and frame for them for Christmas. There is something in the picture of the young lady that touches me almost beyond words. She is dressed for battle, yet bowed in submission and prayer and has her hands firmly planted on the Sword of the Spirit…the Word of God. This embodies my deepest hopes and prayers for my precious granddaughters.
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful God-given gift with us. I praise God my salvation didn’t depend on being able to draw well. I would have no hope!


    • @Linda Dietz Thank you! I am so glad that my sketches bless others. I would love to see the coloured-in and framed poster when you have finished it! You are such a blessing to your grandchildren!


  2. This is perfect timing for us! We are just now counting the omer until Shavaot (Pentecost) and the children were asking for something to color in! Thank you:)


  3. Oh! Oh! Oh!  I love it Nadene, as I do all of your wonderful works. Not only is your sister’s work stunning, yours is!  It absolutely is!  

    I know you don’t get even half the appreciation you deserve.  I read your emails for a year at a time before thanking you for your hard work. Shame on me!

    I will be linking up to many of your posts via our website as I have in the past.  Our scripture memory for Cycle 2 is Ephesians 6 – we study WWI and WWII and so many other things that you provide.  

    Thank you for the many things you share. You are a blessing, and I recommend your blog wholeheartedly to others. Psalm 115:15,  Brandy Ferrell Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood



  4. I love the focus of this are piece. What a great gift and awesome message to make central in your home! Thanks for letting the rest of us participate!


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