Paper Dolls of Ancient History

Here are our latest Ancient History Paper dolls:

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Vikings

Ancient Rome

Elizabethan Era

These paper dolls are the latest addition to our paper doll series ~

Click here for your 4 page pdf download ~ Paper Dolls Ancient History

We were inspired to draw these paper dolls while we read our Sonlight World History Usborne books. Included with most the paper dolls are some ancient artefacts or jewelery.  Children should also know the how to place the clothing articles on the dolls in the correct order.

We colour in the pictures, cut them out and then laminate everything ~ see here.  We attach clothing with prestick (sticky stuff).

Look at our historical eras paper dolls that included fashions from the 1800’s,   Victorian styles from 1865. clothes from the Edwardian eras of 1900’s,  fashions of the Medieval era, the French fashions of Louis VIV and even styles from the 1960’s.

Here are some suggestions to enjoy the paper dolls:

  • One mom pasted magnetic tape on the backs and her children play on a fridge or metal tray with their dolls.
  • Another mom stuck felt on the back of their paper dolls so they could stick on a felt board.
  • These paper dolls could be coloured while the children listen to history stories. (To keep hands busy while ears are listening!)
  • Children could use them when telling history narrations.
  • Children can play with them with as they do with finger puppets and create / act scenes from plays.

Ok, I know you’ll ask me, “Where are the men/ boys?” I am planning them!

The paper dolls from different nations will be coming soon …  I’ve done North American Indians, Japan … oh, the list is too long …

17 thoughts on “Paper Dolls of Ancient History

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  9. Wow, thank you so much! Downloaded the paper dolls to go with our Sonlight History and the animal classification page. thanks for all your hard work – what a blessing you are 🙂 love, Karyn


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  11. Love those paper dolls! Sort of off topic, but what widget are you using for your preview? I have a couple of blogs too, but haven’t seen that widget b4. Thanks!


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