Join Sketch Tuesday

We have entered our first Sketch Tuesday hosted by Harmony Fine Arts!

Barb at Harmony Art Mom hosts a wonderful weekly art assignment.  Click here to see some of the previous weeks’ sketch art slide shows. I enjoyed the diverse interpretations and varied abilities of the submitted sketches.  Let your children view these pictures so that they can see that the assignment is not aiming at perfection, but participation.

Her topics are wonderfully simple and non-threatening.  She uses ideas of things that can be found around the house or out in the garden. The sketch can be done in about an hour or so during the day without too much trouble setting up or cleaning up afterwards. (I think that is why most moms don’t do art with their children!)

This week’s assignment is to sketch something from in a first aid kit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each person took the first aid items that most appealled to them and placed them on the table in front of them.

  • I gave a simple starting point – draw a frame around the page and draw a line across the page about 1/3 down for the table line.
  • Try let your objects fill the page.
  • Look carefully at details.
  • Draw what you see.

It was very quiet while we sketched.  (This is a good sign of creative, right-brain activity which is non-verbal.)  Within half an hour we had the basic sketch finished in pencil.  Each could choose what medium to use.  My 7-year old used coloured pencil crayons and drew black koki outlines, while my 10-year old and I used a fineliner and added details in black.

I loved the opportunity to just sketch.  SO often I have to abandon my own art work to help with the girls, but everyone coped so well that I was free to sit and draw … yes, I will do this again next week!

” As always, everyone is welcome to sketch and if you send in your sketches by Monday, April 12th they will be included in the slideshow on Tuesday morning. Please send your sketches to: Please remember that the images need to be in jpg format so that I can easily upload them to Flickr for the slideshow.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Will you join in?

5 thoughts on “Join Sketch Tuesday

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  2. This is so funny. I’ve written a similar post to publish this week too. We also did the first aid kit assignment. I love Barb’s themes that get us motivated to draw.


  3. We should join Barb’s Harmony Art too soon!
    Your comment that you SO often have abandon your own work to help your children is so recognizable. But also the transformation now that children grow older. Isn’t it wonderful to have half an hour to concentrate and work silently on your own artwork? I feel like I have to re-learn everything, but I enjoy picking up where I left before I became a mommy. Sunny greetings from Belgium, Paula


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