Art Era Timeline #1 ~ Pre-Renaissance to 18th Century

I created Art Movements Timelines

Due to the size of the files I have broken the timeline into 4 sections:

  • Pre-Renaissance – 18th Century
  • 19th Century to Late 19th Century
  • 20th Century till Modern Art
  • Modern Art Movements

This week’s Timeline is Pre-Renaissance – 18th Century

Click here for your 9 page download ~ Art Era Timeline Pre-Renaissance-18thC

I have provided a basic definition of each art movement and included the dates and  names of  the founders and the most eminent artists of that movement. Each artist has a thumbnail of their work. I have placed each art movement on a new page for clarity and to assist the study of different eras.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Use the timeline in several ways:

  • Print out as an Art Book of Centuries, or add to a student’s own Book of Centuries
  • Cut and paste the pages end-to-end as an art timeline
  • Cut out and add the artists and their art work thumbnails to a dedicated art timeline or an existing timeline
  • Laminate and cut the artists as cards and let children match the artists to the eras

Included in this download are the following Art Movements:

Gothic Art
Byzantine Art
The Renaissance
The Early Renaissance
The High Renaissance
The Northern Renaissance
17th Century
Baroque Art
18th Century
The Rococo Style
Academic Art
Japanese Ukiyo-e

I obtained all information for this timeline from

I will upload the following 2 timelines soon, so please sign up for an email notification or put my RSS feed on your homepage! (You’ll find this on my sidebar just under my Gravatar.)

8 thoughts on “Art Era Timeline #1 ~ Pre-Renaissance to 18th Century

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  2. Nadine,
    I have a bachelors and master’s degree in education and have taught special education for 15 years covering 21 different subjects and levels combined. I am also a christian teacher in a public school. Hats off to YOU! I am so impressed with what you are doing with your homeschooling activities. Teaching is a labor intensive practice and it is evident that you have taken your responsibility seriously. I am interested in using some of your material in my classroom and noticed that some of your work has the resource sited. In order to use the material in my class, I must know the original source of the material. Do you know where you obtained the information on fashion during the Middle Ages?

    Keep up the GREAT work!



    • @Diane Sims, thank you for your comments. My daughter drew most of the Middle Ages paper doll clothes based on ideas she saw in DVDs like “Romeo and Juliet” and “Forever After”. I have used The Usborne “Time Traveler” and The Usborne book of “Living Long Ago” for other details and notes.


  3. Thanks for sharing these resources. What a great way to look at history.

    Will we be getting a time-line for ancient history?



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