Copywork ~ Famous Quotes from World Leaders ~ Free copywork pages

As we covered World History in Sonlight Core 1&2 this year, we used Charlotte Mason’s principle of copywork to teach language, grammar and develop vocabulary and style and practiced handwriting at the same time!


Copywork pages

I have selected some of the most famous world leaders and their most notable quotes.  Each quote has a print and cursive version on the same page.

Below each quote I have included a response prompt where the child puts the quote into its context or describes their reaction to the quote and its meaning.

Short and simple, these copywork pages are an enriching form of handwriting practice, memorization and inspiration lessons.  Here is your download ~ Famous World Leaders’ Quotes for Copywork.famous world leaders' quotes cover

Pop over to my Copywork page for other themed copywork downloads.

Blessings, Nadene

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