Sonlight Ancient China hands-on-ideas

Ancient China hands-on activities and websites

Here are some wonderful websites and activities we used when we studied Ancient China.  We made a fan-shaped project folder and pasted all our narrations in it. Enjoy!  Check out my Roman Hands-on and Viking Hands-on ideas.

Ancient China Map the Great Wall of China

Draw and label life-cycle of silk worm

Grow and feed silk worms?

Make Chinese fan book (Great lapbook theme!)

Make own paper

Paint using an ink stone

Varnish a wooden box

Make and serve jasmine tea

Make and eat Chinese noodles

Learn Chinese characters for names

Chinese inventions

Learn and recite Confucius quotes

Look at Ancient Chinese clothing –

Chinese fans designs –

Great Wall of China – interactive map work –

Learn Chinese characters – interactive game-

Video of Foot binding on YouTube This shows an old woman unwrap her bound feet. Quite awesome! Chinese music and singing accompanies the video! (As always, due to associated videos ads, parental guidance required)

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