Sonlight Roman hand-on-ideas and websites

Here are some activities and websites to visit when doing Ancient Rome!

As I shared before – use every opportunity to make the subject come alive by creating, painting, modelling, making, dramatizing, cooking, eating, decorating, watching, listening and DOING the learning!

Check out my China hands-on list here: China hands-on

Roman Empire Dress in Roman toga

Make mosaic

Have Roman meal lying and eating on mattresses

Make Roman coin with Roman numerals on them`

Pompeii photo tour

Romans In Scotland – interactive- BBC Education See You See Me

BBC Gladiator –Gladiator game – dress a gladiator to kill & see if you win or lose!

Daily life in Pompeii –BBC History – photo gallery

Glossary of Roman words – BBC Romans Glossary

Romans leisure – BBC Romans Leisure

Roman Army – BBC Roman Army

An Arena for gladiatorial games – photos and info

History coloring pages –

Make a mosaic online! Beautiful intricate designs. Print out the results.

Spiegelonline – Google computer-generated images of Ancient Rome

Roman games played in this time –

Roman numeral online matching game – excellent!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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