Shared Art Sets

Here’s this weeks’ practical tip ~

art setsWe are a creative family and do a lot of art!  Our art supplies are available on our bookshelf for anyone to use at any time.

I believe in quality over quantity, yet I often bought the large art sets so that we could enjoy the full range of colors.  There’s nothing more thrilling than having several shades of each color to chose from!  So, rather than supply each child with their own basics, I spend the same value of money for 3 children and splurged it on the biggest set we could afford.

If you train your children how to correctly use, clean and store art supplies from the start, they will enjoy years of creative pleasure!  In over 19+ years of homeschool, I have had to periodically replace paint brushes, felt-tipped markers and acrylic paints, but our colored pencils, chalk and oil pastels and our watercolors are still going strong!   A very worthwhile investment!

Once a year, for birthdays, we purchase specific creative supplies for each daughter.  These they use and enjoy for their own pleasure.  We have watched them develop their creativity to produce beautiful gifts, or make and sell their products or develop their hobbies.

Read my posts about buying big art sets and organizing art supplies.

Hope this practical tip helps you in your homeschooling!

Blessings, Nadene


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